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Title: Derek Shields visits Detroit Dungeon
Post by: The Assassin on March 26, 2017, 07:04:25 am
The Detroit Dungeon where Derek Shields trained is a mix of a night club and underground fight club.
Derek stepped inside the "octagon" a crowd of people circled around watching, drinking.  as My Way by Limp Bizkit played changing from  Petula Clark's Down Town as Derek entered, slipping off his leather jacket and tossing it to one of the 20 year old female patrons. The female patrons cat called as they saw his attire which showed off his biceps well.


His opponent was a cocky kid about 17 named Tyler Douglas.


The ruckus bystanders started to chant for the fight to begin and so it did with Tyler hitting a staggering right hook to

Derek turned back chuckling and followed up with charging into a rough lifting double leg takedown!

Next Tyler attempts a guillotine  submission but Derek reverses with an innovative gourd-buster-GTS sending Tyler
flying back with a back flip landing face and sternum first on the unforgiving floor.

As Tyler rose upon his hands and knees he reversed the Shining Wizard attempt with a single legged low blow kick and hangman neck-breaker causing the crowd to cringe and groan in response.

Tyler rolled over with a float over into a double under-hook rising only for Derek to apply the body scissors both men wrenching.
Tyler rises and attempts a double pumphandle orange crush powerbomb but at the last second Derek attempts to reverse into a rana which is reversed into a gut-wrench powerbomb attempt that Derek escapes from the powerbomb with a sunset flip into a running sit-out power bomb for the K.O. victory.


Title: Re: Derek Shields visits Detroit Dungeon
Post by: J-Dub on March 26, 2017, 02:24:29 pm
Fight fight fight fight fight fight