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Title: The Underdog, No way.
Post by: Derrick Trotter on May 28, 2017, 07:56:08 pm
The fans in the arena are buzzing with excitement they get even louder when they see the titron fizz into life and standing there with a huge smile on his face in none other than WWGís roving reporter Josh Benard. He is wearing a Black Tuxedo with a white shirt and black tie.
He continues to smile as he hears the fans reaction then slowly lifts the microphone up to his mouth and takes a deep breath as he speaks.

Josh Benard: Ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I bring to you someone you all know and love, Back for one night a very special night, Derrick Trotter!
The fans in the arena goes wild as there former fans favorite stands in front of the camera he smiles and waves into the camera, he has his full wrestling gear on he then smiles and nods at Josh Benard who then puts the microphone to the lips of Derrick Trotter who then pulls the mic up to closer to his mouth.

Derrick Trotter: Thanks Josh itís great to be back for this very special night.
The fans go even more crazy as they hear Derrickís voice for the first time in months.
Josh Benard: So Derrick, Whatís it like to be here after so long being out?
Derrick Trotter: Well to be honest Josh itís great, I miss this place, There's a lot of new peeps in the house itís gonna be fun getting to know all of them and beating them of course.
The fans in the arena start to cheer loudly when Derrick says this.
Josh Benard: So how do you feel about being the underdog is this match?
Derrick looks a little shocked at the question that Josh has just asked him.
Derrick Trotter: Iím not sure why you called me an underdog Josh, I mean I beat the Wretched nobody for the Absolute title once, so that just proves it right there that Iím no underdog, If anything the rest of the roster are the underdogs. I have won more titles than most people on the roster have had hot dinners.
Derrickís arm movements start to get a little more aggressive as he talks.
Derrick Trotter: Listen Josh, I donít care if Iím in a fatal four way, Single competition or cage match, It wonít bother me my opponents will have to watch out for me and think about what Iím going to do Dante Deranged, Mr Kennedy and  Jakob Hysteria all very good wrestlers but are they as good as me.
The fans in the arena do the no chant as Derrick nods into the camera.
Derrick Trotter:  Exactly josh, Listen to these great fans in the arena they will tell you Iím no underdog, Iím telling you Iím no underdog and I will show you that Iím no underdog, I will go out to that ring and prove to the world that I am the best god damn wrestler that WWG has ever had.
And for the winners of the other fatal four ways Morgan Terry , Scott Carr , PR Star, Jason Richardson, AJ Styles, AJ Riley,Slipshod, Ethan Rains, Marcus Collins, Ashton Stone,Drake Storm and finally Mike Mewes. Iím gonna show you that I am the best in the company, Itís a good job that not all of you are going through to the next round because it would be an embarrassment for you to lose to derrick trotter when I havenít been in the ring for months.
This is going to be my honor to win this Orion match, To dedicate the win to the man himself Orion who was one if not the best wrestler this company has ever seen. Yeah I said i was the best I am but this guy was something special. He was one of the best at what he did and although I never got to meet him from what I have seen and heard he sounded like a stand up bloke.

Derrick taps his chest and points his finger to the sky as the fans in the arena start to chant Thank you Orion, Thank you Orion.
Josh Benard: Who would you like in the final if you got there and who would you not like to face?
Derrick rubs his fingers through his hair before he smiles at Josh.
Derrick Trotter: To be perfectly honest Josh, I couldnít give a monkeys who I face in the final, Iím not scared of anyone, Sure thereís a few big old fellas in the tournament, Thereís a couple of right nasty dudes but I ainít scared. I was brought up on the rough streets of Peckem me old mucker and there have been some nasty dudes out there, Much more nastier than some of the dudes in this locker room and I have been them all.
So guys and gals, Bring it on, Come at me with everything you have because this guy is gonna kick some serious ass. Oh and Green team Barney boy, I heard what you said about loving every minute of it when you smashed me over the head with a tray, Mate I loved being hit on the head by a legand that you are so if you ever want a rematch bud, You got my number give me a call.

The fans start the Yes chant chat as Derrick then smiles and walks of camera.
He then comes back on and walks right up to the camera and smiles before saying.

Derrick Trotter: You're all going to get Trottered!
He then smiles as the fans go wild and the walks of camera as the scene then goes dark.

Title: Re: The Underdog, No way.
Post by: KXNG on June 04, 2017, 12:27:16 pm
This was good to read.  It's a very common scene setup, but you added the necessary Trotter touch to make it unique to him.  I like how you used the underdog angle.  I think character has been portrayed like over the years and it's a nice callback for this event.  I like the color scheme you used in the rp as well.  All-in-all a nice piece of writing.

Title: Re: The Underdog, No way.
Post by: Derrick Trotter on June 04, 2017, 05:23:32 pm
Thanks king, took me ages to write this as well.