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Title: Here I Come
Post by: GreenDream on November 20, 2017, 10:03:37 am

Its been a long time coming. I never thought I would be coming back to WWG for another run but meh, why not? It has come down to the last man standing from the Gabriel Tizo era and that person is me. Who would think that out of all the big names you have seen over the years like Dante Deranged, Jason Richardson, Scott Carr and Jakob Hystaria that the last one would be me. In this match, We got Derrick Trotter and The Wretched Nobody as the only two people left from the era before the place shut down and went on hiatus.

Prepare for war because I am ready to bring the fight to whoever thinks they can intimidate me. You are looking a guy who lost an eye during a match and kept on fighting until the bitter end. I am the true King Of The Night. Barney Allison Green. Representing Boston and that old school style of professional wrestling. None of that flippy nonsense. Just straight up brawling. A true man of the people. Even at 33 years old, I will still make you look foolish if you underestimate me. I box in my spare time. Knock some teeth loose with my trademark right hook.

This is Judgement day. Wretched Nobody and Derrick Trotter. The only two names I recognize in this match from before the place shut down. You think I am scared of either? The Wretched Nobody may be bigger than me but he doesn't intimidate or scare me. You look into my eye and you see no fear. Just determination. I am not a nice person when it comes to wrestling. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I walk out Champion. You must be scared when you realize you got seven other people coming for your belt. Hoping to see another day as champion. This isn't how its gonna work. Its gonna end with a true man outlasting you and proving to everyone that age is only a number.

Derrick Trotter. The man. The myth. The legend. A true Hall of Famer in my eyes. A guy who against all odds has succeeded in this business. Sorry but the rules go out the window with you as well. I am gonna do everything in my power to ensure I walk out with my hands raised. I have beaten you before and I will do it again. I am already going to a special place in hell and I am gonna take you there.

Alastair Morrison. You don't intimidate me in the slightest. I have fought some of the best that WWG has to offer and I have survived. I am not a nice person either. Wait until you meet my demon. The suffering. The chaos. The ugliness. The mayhem. I embrace it all. I have been down this road before. The past will always repeat itself. The only way to change it is if you flip the script and that's exactly what I am gonna do. You might think you have me intimidated but you really don't. We all live a life a sin. The only will left standing is my own. I know that the Earth Mother will guide me to victory and I guarantee that it will happen.

Kira Starlight. Ask Rayven how challenging me ended up for her. I know you were trained by two of the best but you aren't ready for what I will do to you. You aren't ready to experience the pain that I am known to bring when it comes to fight. I fight each match like it's my last. I am not gonna do the right thing and let you come in and give you an easy match. My eye is fixed on victory.

Who really is concerned what Michael Benjamin or Marshall Gates plan on doing? Not me. That is who. Van HeLLsing. Great name, bro. Really? Three people that aren't even in my league. Once my entrance theme starts playing, its gonna be very unlucky for everyone involved in this match.

I am that angel with the broken halo. That person who is willing to commit sins of atrocity in that ring. Hurt all kinds of people just because he knows he can. You think you can hurt me. You really can't. I may not have the stamina I once did but I can still go the distance and that's not just in the bedroom either. The spirits have led me to the other side. The more I drink. The more I see everything for what it truly is. You can't really beat a man with nothing to lose. What does it exactly prove?

When all is said and done, You are looking at the next WWG Champion. I am the last person standing in this business that was trained by Foley Anderson. May he rest in peace. I still have a few moves left in my playbook that nobody has ever seen. You don't want to mess with The Boston Brawler. I am the true knockout artist. Leave you with a knot in your head and out cold. Better watch how you address me.

Armed with my two closest friends left in this business in Jeff Night and John Laurinaitis, I got all the tools necessary for victory. Let's see the best in all of you. I am begging for your best shot. See if you can rock me. See if you can go the distance. Do you have the balls to actually finish the job because I won't go down without a fight. You are looking at the man who won the first King Of Hard Core after taking a Skilsaw to the skull. The guy who took a powerbomb from the ring to the floor through a stack of light tubes wearing just a pair of shorts and still got back up. I have bled buckets in the ring and still gotten back up. Try to stop me. Let's see if anyone can do it.

I am merely a vessel guided by the Earth Mother and this is what she wants. I am not gonna deny her wishes. Like the saying goes, "Any man with two hands has a fighting chance." Lets see if you have that fighting chance against me.

Later, WWG.

Title: Re: Here I Come
Post by: J-Dub on November 20, 2017, 10:08:04 am
A mean green machine? Not used to heelish green, this was a shock for real but solid trash talk!

Title: Re: Here I Come
Post by: Brad on November 21, 2017, 12:27:21 pm
I've missed Barney Green. Trash talk is always off the chain.