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Title: Real Evil
Post by: Van HeLLsing on November 20, 2017, 05:13:50 pm
Soft sounds of a faraway violin, beautiful and immaculate in its nature, drift down the cold dark cement of a hallway.  Sometimes best described as a rat infested shithole, graffiti drenched the walls, filled with obscenities and sexual, suggestive images.  Vermin, roaches, anything vile made a home down here.  You wouldnít find a half decent human being would come within a hint of a whiff of this god forsaken hell.  The once soft violin has shifted from a light breeze to a powerful wind, the melody becoming more rapid in sequence.  Off to the left is a doorway with a dim candle light reflecting off the wall.  It was obvious someone was down here after all.  Resting in the corner of this room is a man with his face painted in a hideous mask of evil.  His long black hair swaying side to side with the rhythm of violin in what must be the grand finale to this freakís dark masterpiece.  This man, this sinister soul, damned to hell, dressed in black is Van HeLLsing.

The Dark Angel finishes his symphony and begins to laugh.  However, this laugh sounded like those of the wild Hyena, mischievous but sinister in nature.  Suddenly the violin crashes to the floor and the head of Van HeLLsing snaps up revealing black soulless eyes.  Looking into these eyes was like staring into an empty abyss, filled with pain and agony.  Sputtering across his face was a sadistic grin.  The grin of a starving monster ready to feast on the blood of those he encounters.  Soon the grin fades and a long low sigh comes from deep in the manís body, his head falls backward moving his eyes to the ceiling.  After a moment his head returns to its normal position, the man known as Van HeLLsing speaks.

Iíve always enjoyed the classics.  Sure the music now is hip!  Catchy!  Gone are the days of Beethoven and Mozart.  Despite my appearance my ears have quite an eloquent taste in music.  My therapist says it will do wonders for my mental health.  GotchaÖ.I donít have a therapist, and as far as my mental health well you could say it left the building a long time ago.
A dark laugh slips softly out of him.  He has been known to half a dark sense of humor, a joker this one is.  Van HeLLsingís sanity flew the coup many years ago and hasnít come back since.  No postcard, overnight visits to the old stomping grounds.

In the world there is always two sides, opposites offsetting each other.  Yin and Yang.  Good vs evil, order and anarchy, light vs the dark.  Lying in the darkness is a door to fiery pits of hell.  However, this door has a gate keeper.  Someone who mustÖgreet the new members properly.  This man has a violent agenda yes he does.  Everyone must be marked when they join the party and the mark for this party gets slowly carved into the soft skin oneís belly.  He drinks the blood of those who enter, quenching his thirst for blood lust.  He is an evil soul yes he is.  That manÖ me!  Van HeLLsing at your service.

He does a sarcastic bow as if introducing himself to royalty.  Knives have always been his favorite toy to play with.  Itís nothing fancy, small but slick, sharp blade that will pierce the skin.  The Dark Angel is easily amused when it comes to the tools used to torture his prey.  The knife gets the job done, short and to the point.  This is the tool used to mark the damned.  This man enjoyed what he does to a great degree.  A twisted, violent child, the souls his canvas, toys for him to play with while father attends to business in the den. 

My taste for blood grows the more I drink.  Itís like a drug and canít get enough because my tolerance for the chemical is so high.  Itís fitting that I find myself here in WWG in a battle royal for the GRAND jewel of the company!  The WWG championship.  Van HeLLsing walking into a match like this is like a junkie walking into a crack house!  Oh believe me blood will be spilt!  The blood of those who have unfortunately for them, come across my path.  You see I am very good at what I do and I love what I do.  That my friends is a lethal combination in the right hands.  Falls count anywhere, no rules, complete anarchy is where I thrive.  Everything and anything at my disposal!  Iím getting excited just thinking about it!  Boy oh boy the possibilities are endless.  Fascinating!  All of you will parish at my hands on Carnage yes you will!   

Ghoulish laughter fills the room, an evil grin dancing on his lips.  The conviction behind his statements are incredibly scary.  A man that sounds confident that his master plan will be executed without a hitch.  The mind of psychopath is the only description fit to explain the world of Van HeLLsing.  Sick, sadistic, vile, and filthy describe his actionsÖif you were explaining this as a normal human being.  To him he is a master artist like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Botticelli.  A flawless practioner of his violent craft.  His actions elegant craftsmanship with his hands on a canvas filled with possibilities. 

You know, I always love a good joke.  Here is a joke, I should fear the Wretched Nobody!  Oh no, here comes the big bad monster himself! Run for your life, head to the hills!  Wretch you have no idea what nightmares are.  You are a bland image of what people think evil looks like.  A vague description of what it means to be dark and sadistic.  Behind that hideous face is actually a scared child trying to hide from the demons who haunt your soul for the rest of your pathetic existence.  A puppet in a sad attempt to seize control planned by a wretched ****!  Grace Brutal absolutely disgusts me.  Itís people like you who give this art a tarnished reputation.  I am a master of violence!  You want to see real evil you two all you need to do is look deep into my eyes and see the things that I have seen.  The horrors in eyes will make the two of you cower in beds and hide under the covers from the real bogyman who haunts the souls of the damned.  Yes Wretched Nobody your soul is damned to hell which is why itís curious we now meet.  I am after all the gatekeeper to hell.  It would be me you see first in your nightmares!  I want you to realize what you have gotten yourselves into.  A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins between the three of us, a nice violent love triangle!  In the end I will hunt you down and devour your souls!

Phase one of the masterpiece has been unveiled.  The dismantling of the Wretched Nobody and his **** handler Grace Brutal.  The delicacy of this plan is what Van HeLLsing loves most.  The man always loves a challenge.  Something that will not be easy to finish but the work and sacrifice put in will be worth the reward for carrying this devious plan out. 

Cup of tea anyone?  Donít mind me Iím just learning British etiquette.  I donít want to be a sour host to our lovely English friend Derek Trotter.  Perhaps it is your blood that will enjoy most Mr. Trotter, yes indeed.  Full of life, vibrant and enthusiastic, childish in nature.  A sweet treat for my teeth after I devour the main course!  What will happen when I bust you open Derek?  Will candy fall out?  Cupcakes?  After all you will be my human piŮata.  Oh it will be painful at first but I promise you, it will fade to numbness eventually.  There is nothing you can do Trotter.  I am coming for you.  I will get my hands on you and destroy your body until there is nothing left!  You soul is come to hell with me sir, those are the breaks!

The sadistic grin returns to the face of Van HeLLsing.  The breathing of his body quickens as if something is trying to get out and he is fighting to keep it inside.  This will burst out similar to the scene in Alien.  The grand finale about to begin. 

As for the rest of you.  The same fates, in no way similar to what happens to the aforementioned is what will befall you as well.  There is nothing any of you can do to stop me.  Kira Starlight itís sad really.  Such a beautiful specimen as you suffering a horrific end like this is just tragic.  Tragedy however, is one of my favorite things miss!  Alistair Morrison your soul will be mine also yes it will.  You will fight valiantly like the hero you think you are but in the end darkness will prevail!  It must in order for the prophecy to come true yes it must!  Michael Benjamin stands no chance either.  The violence that will befall you will be the most painful.  I will harvest your soul as well.  Letís see whose left?  Ahh, Barney Green and Marshall Gates.  Barney should not be too hard to fight.  I deal with people like him all the time.  It all ends the same for them you know, they all become marked as the children of the damned, and it is the way.  Marshal Gates, I saved you last because you are the most special to me.  A physical specimen second to none no doubt!  You my friend think that nothing can stop you from obtaining your goal.  Nothing will get in your way to destiny yes.  I am here to tell you that something can stop you.  Something so evil and sadistic that the human mind canít comprehend how such atrocities could be committed.  What will ultimately stop you is destruction at my hands!  Not even the hand of God could save you or your counterparts.  I will lay a beating so vicious that they will not allowed to show it on T.V.!  
With a dark look in his eyes and a sinister grin, he raises his hands to the side with the palms open.  The final conclusion ready to escape his mind.

Consider this my final message before the match!  There is nothing any of you can do, nowhere to hide from the violent ends that will become all of you!  I will prevail in the battle and become WWG champion.  Taking control of the company and turning it into hell on wheels!  You will fade into the abyss!
This final line is sung in a childlike manner by Van HeLLsing.  Over and over he repeats this line laughing and laughing.  The last image of him is the dark sadistic eyes of the keeper of hellÖ..Van HeLLsing.

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: J-Dub on November 21, 2017, 12:57:01 am
Not exactly what I expected, this is actually pretty cool. Like Clockwork Orange meets killer klowns from outter space lol. I did enjoy this and creates an interesting persona.

But, wtf, how do you call Marshal Gates as a physical specimen when Alastair is the size of Braun Stroman? I hope he drops Van on his head.

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: Van HeLLsing on November 21, 2017, 01:36:10 am
It's not what I expected at first either but as it started flowing it just felt right.  He's not just an ordinary psychopath.  The possibilities are endless going forward for me imo.  Lol because all I pictured at the time was Brock Lesner 

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: J-Dub on November 21, 2017, 01:38:45 am
Same happened with mine, I had a thought going into it, but I updated as I went along in the writing. Came off as a lot more baby face than expected. I guess I can try to be the new Trine Larson or something I don't know lol.

I know I was giving you ****, sort of hard to have a pic base normally 5'9 190 pounds for a character that's a super heavyweight.

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: Van HeLLsing on November 21, 2017, 05:37:05 am
Hey every fed nreds a Trine Larsen lol..
.I haven't read all the way through yours but what I've seen is excellent.  I don't know why bit I like the dark elegance I gave Van HeLLsing.  Lol I knew you were giving me ****

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: GreenDream on November 21, 2017, 06:26:05 am
Good solid rp. I really enjoyed the darkness to it. This should be a fun battle.

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: Marshall Gates on November 21, 2017, 07:59:31 am
I didn't add an smack talk because I don't know **** about any of y'alls characters lol

Title: Re: Real Evil
Post by: Brad on November 21, 2017, 11:38:34 am
I didn't add an smack talk because I don't know **** about any of y'alls characters lol

Over the next few shows it sure will be easier.

 Definantyl a different read to Mike Mewes. Am interested to see more from this character.