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Title: A Cut Above
Post by: GreenDream on December 25, 2017, 04:52:10 pm

 I learned who my true friends were in this business when I lost my left eye in combat. You fans never once wrote me a letter or tweeted at me wishing me well. Each and every one of you is responsible and should be ashamed of yourselves. I figured my fans would follow me wherever I went but I was wrong.

You all sicken me. Alastair Morrison, You may have taken my belt but it will be back where it belongs soon enough. Carnage gold is all mine. I am the most dangerous man you will ever face. I am not a nice person once that bell rings. Throw in the weapons and it becomes a living hell for whoever steps into that ring with me. I'm already going to a special place in hell but that's alright. I am gonna take you there, Morrison.

I tried to be everybody's friend. Where did it get me? A broken down body as well as missing an eye. Thanks... It's time I started taking what I wanted for a change. I am who I am. There is no turning back from this. I put my fellow brother Joe Lych through a stack of light tubes and I loved watching him withering in pain and agony.

I am gonna do things that I will never apologize for. The Earth Mother told me who I was. I'm just no good. WWG, You are gonna learn who I truly am. I can't go back. I'm gonna bash some skulls in. I hope you are ready, Morrison. I got nothing left to lose but everything to gain. I am not gonna apologize for what happens in the ring.