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Title: "The Spawn" Belial Sadistic
Post by: Nick Sadistic on July 18, 2020, 12:19:21 am
.:: World Wrestling Generation Contract ::.
C H A R A C T E R  .  A P P E A R A N C E

Pic base: Darby Allin

• Wrestlers Name •

"The Spawn" Belial Sadistic

• Nickname(s) •

The Spawn

• Hometown •

Tombstone, NV

• Height •

6 FT 0 IN

• Weight •

180 lbs

• Alignment •

Which ever way the wind blows!

• Theme Music •

Heilung - In Maidjan

• Entrance Description •

Lights go out, Sweet Dreams plays over the stadium. A green glow and fog fill the stage. Belial walks out holding his fathers old mask lantern. Head down, covered by a hood, Belial stops at the top of the ramp. Pauses for a bit, then flips the hood back and blood drips out his mouth as he grins. He makes his way to the ring. Belial looks around and fans hold up their phone lights. Belial sets his father's lantern down on ring side then climbs into the ring puts his fingers in his mouth, getting blood to cover his fingers. In the middle of the ring, Belial makes a demonic symbol, then walks over to a turn buckle, hooking the lantern to it.
 Then Belial jumps up and sits waiting for his next pray, grinning!

• Character Background •

"The Spawn" Belial Sadistic, he is the son of Nick Sadistic and Faith Brutal. His father and mother once ran terror inside the WWG ring, now with his parents by his side, it's his turn to become a champion! He is as demented and messed up as the sadistic family is, if not worse. It's his time to prove what he is made of, his time to consume the souls of his opponents. He has been trained by his father, and knows how to take a beating nothing seems to scare him. Extreme risk taker.

Nick Sadistic - Father/Manager
Pic Base - The Fiend Bray Wyatt


Faith Brutal - Mother/Manager
Pic Base - Taylor Momsen


• Finishing Moves •

DKO "Demonic Knock Out" - RKO

Rigamortis - Coffin Drop

Welcome to Hell - Handspring Stunner

• Signature Moves •

All the moves are shown in the video
Last Supper
Yoshi Tonic
Crucifix Driver
Fujiwara Armbar
La Magistral Pin
Lucha Arm Drag
Finger Bend
Guillotine Choke
Suicide Dive Somersault
Monkey Flip
Diving Senton Bomb
Rope Assisted Arm Stretch
Springboard Crossbody
Reverse Body Splash
Snap Suplex
Springboard Back Splash
Apron Trapped Chest Slap
Shotgun dropkick
Springboard Moonsault
Suicide Dive
Tornillo Splash

[ S A M P L E | R O L E P L A Y ]
The scene opens to an old reel projector sitting in the middle of a room on top of a table. The only lighting is by and lantern that is becoming well known in WWG, the lamp of the one and one Nick Sadistic. The mask sitting with in the lamb, just sitting, staring at you, as if to be stealing your soul. The projector lights up and starts reeling the movie it's about to play. The lantern fades out, the projector grows brighter.

Crackling noises, black and white numbers count down, then a tanish movie starts to play. Nick Sadistic and Faith appear on screen with evil grins on their faces and twitching a little, their flicking in and out, then it flickers to Morgan Terry! The video show Morgan standing by his father's truck and been giving the keys by his dying father. Then it skips to his father in the hospital bed, Morgan standing beside his father one last time. You can see Morgan crying holding his father in his arms as his father takes his last breath. The film then flickers to a funeral, rain pouring, everyone in black, umbrellas over them all to stay out of the rain. Flickers to Morgan looking down as his father is lowered down into the earth.

The film flickers for a bit, flashing the mask of sadistic, then the film starts back up to morgan in some pass matches, after a few minutes of past matches, it shoots to the future match up of Nick Sadistic and Morgan terry. But what is shown is Nick beating down the big truck driver, powering over this man. Blood spilling all over the ring, Terry trying to exit the ring but Nick not allowing him to, then Nick picking up Terry and landing the Sadistic Cross and Nick pinning Terry with just a boot over his chest and one arm raised. Then the video zooms in on Nick’s face, the video starts to flicker Nick’s face and his masked face………..Then blacks out……..The End flashes on the wall, the lantern starts to relights. Nick is standing by his lantern.

Nick: “How you like my little homemade movie of you Terry? Didn’t think I knew much about you, since we never met inside the ring yet. I guess you can say I like to research whom I’m about to destroy. The funny part is that we still don’t really know much about each other, but is knowing really even the problem here? I’m the gatekeeper to the darkness on the other side where the gold lays. You're just another pawn in this game of chess, you will not survive this game. But the funny part of pawns, there is always another one waiting to take their chance at the gatekeeper! I love how you are becoming the first victim, you do have a nice little history behind you. You're going to make such a nice trophy, as I mount your head on my wall, that beard of you’re’s is going to give it that extra homey feeling.”

Nick picks up his lantern, lifts it up over his head, the glow from the lantern illuminates the walls around him. Mounted heads of animals and past victims cover most of this walls. The camera pans the entire room, then stops back to Nick.

Nick: “If you look right over there, there is a spot with your name on it…..It’s right by your dad’s!”

The camera zooms it focus to his dad’s rotting skull, and sure enough Morgan’s name on a little golden plate is hanging on the wall mount. The camera keeps focus on the two while Nick speaks.

Nick: “Your time is running out and the gatekeeper is cashing in on your bounty. Heads will be rolling by the end of this match….HAHAHA!”

The camera zooms in closer to the wall mount with Morgan Terry’s name on it, then fades to black!

O O C | I N F O R M A T I O N

• Name:

Nick Hickman

• Years E-fedding •

I'll say a few years

• How Many feds are you currently in? •

Just this one and has always been this one!

• Do you understand all the rules and regulations? •


How did you find out about WWG? -

Someone on here, I can't remember who?

• Additional Information that could be useful •

I don't know what really to put here!