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Title: WWG Reunion News
Post by: Brad on July 29, 2020, 06:36:06 pm
The wrestling world was sent into a frenzy this week with the release of the Reunion show card confirming the rumours that the WWG was coming back for a one night reunion, its going to feature many stars from the WWG past and is going to be a exciting show. There has been many questions since the announcement was made and one that keeps getting asked is " what happened to the WWG in its almost 3 years absence"

WWG closed its doors almost 3 years ago, in December 2017. No one knew why. Frederick Kavanagh  the last owner disappeared of the face of the earth only the resurface a year later but wouldn't answer any questions. Rumour has it that the WWG went bankrupt and no one was interested in buying the dying business, once the top show of wrestling television just didn't have that interest anymore.

Recently a former employee of received a email claiming the WWG had been purchased by a unknown person. The email stated that a rumour would start that a reunion show is in the works, it will be followed by a card. Once this happens let the world buzz about it, let it soak in, let the questions begin.

The unknown person then claimed that he purchased WWG back in 2017 and allowed it to die, taking it away from the precious fans. It was only years later that an idea came to this person for him to make tonnes of money. He didn't go into much more detail about that but said the wrestlers contracts had been terminated and the WWG closed it doors. Soon the WWG was forgotten about with other wrestling company's taking the spotlight, even recruiting some of the old WWG talent.

The email ended with a message for the WWG universe, saying they would be at the reunion show and it will be shocking. They also invite every former owner and wrestler to appear because its going to be a show to remember.