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Title: First Beat of an Old Tune
Post by: TrineLarsen2.0 on August 08, 2020, 12:24:05 am
It had been a while.

There were parts in Trine Larsen’s life that felt like a bad dream.

It came in odd flashes and sparks of sound- the details blurry and the specifics lost to time. The feeling, however, always stayed. There had been too many moments wandering the halls of the structure in front of her that meant looking over her shoulder, waiting for a tell tale flicker of lights, or trying to shake the feeling that there were eyes trained on her back.

Almedia with a knife in a hallway. Collins haunting her sleep. Tony Mann being attacked and feeling helpless to stop it. Watching a casino shatter from the inside as an explosion wracked through its bones on the news.

Now, she stood in the heat of summer staring at the heavy double doors with a sinking pit in her stomach. There were good moments. She remembered good moments.

Watching Danny poke fun at Bo in developmental. Seeing The Losers win the tag team championship. Having a dodgeball war in the middle of a venue hallway with Kid Genius.

She didn’t know what to expect as she pushed the doors open and felt the wash of air conditioned air pour over her. It felt like jumping off a cliff and waiting for the snap of the bungee chord to stop her from falling.

Trine kept to herself.

It felt like the best way to control the space around her that for so long had been unpredictable. She stayed in the women’s locker room, watched the matches ahead of her on the media cart left in the hallway, and wandered her way towards the curtain to wait.

Trine Larsen vs. Jason King.

The blonde scoffed to herself and crossed her arms in front of her chest. The last time “Jason King” made an appearance she knew all too well it wasn’t him. It was some bizarre stand in and the more she dug- looking through forums and conspiracy theory blogs, the more she’d started to piece together that Jason King wasn’t coming back.

He was always so careful.

If there was anyone that felt super human, anyone that felt untouchable, it was Jason King. Trine didn’t believe someone one-upped him, but what she believed or not didn’t matter. He was gone and he wasn’t coming back….and she had a sinking feeling the whispers that he may have been in that casino were right.

As much as his teasing and smart ass comments made her blood boil….the hallways had gotten quiet.

Eventually moving on to other federations helped to shake things up. There was less worry, less panic, and less of that empty for of quiet- but now they were back.

*Ding Ding Ding* the bell.

She closed her eyes, letting her hip rest against the wall beside her with a quiet sigh, and let herself swim in the white noise of her thoughts. When she opened them again there was a face….

A face Trine Larsen never expected seeing again standing across from her with that same…..****…..smirk……

She could kill him.

She was going. To kill him!


The first beat of an old tune hit the speakers, cutting her off, and she could have sworn he wink on his way out.

Title: Re: First Beat of an Old Tune
Post by: JasonKing.God on August 10, 2020, 05:05:54 am
This is the best rp that this site has ever seen!!
So excited to finally have a match with the one and only Trine Larsen