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Title: I can't f*cking believe it...
Post by: Rayven_ on August 15, 2020, 05:24:26 pm
An e-mail was sent to WWG officials with the body of the e-mail containing only a link to an unlisted YouTube video.  Against their better judgement, someone on the WWG staff decided to click on the link.

The image that comes onto the screen is that of former WWG World Champion Rayven standing in an empty room.  That familiar crazy look is in her eyes as she smiles into the camera.

Rayven::  "Hey WWG.  Did you miss me?  Apparently not!  I mean, look, I get it.  I left this place on not the greatest of terms back before the doors closed for good.  I lost contact with most of you.  So I understand I didn't get the call.  But you could have tried.  I'm not the hardest person on this planet to find.  I mean, hell, you found Trine Larsen of all people, who I've been trying to track down for years to no avail.  Surely you could've found little ol' me.  But no matter.  It's too late to change anything now.  I found out about this little reunion show after the fact.  I mean, you'd think that a place having a reunion show would at least try to get their former champions back for it.  You didn't even have to give me a match, or a backstage cameo.  In all honesty, a phone call would have been nice.  Barney Green got a call.  That fossil Joe Lych got a call.  Trine Larsen got a call.  But not the person that made Trine Larsen great..."

Rayven then grabbed the camera and threw it against a wall, and that's where the video ends.


OOC: Yes, this is the same Rayven, I couldn't remember my login for my old account, so I made a new one.  Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone and hope everyone's doing well.  Seriously, no hard feelings about any of this, I just wanted to dust the character off one more time :)