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January 23, 2022, 06:53:06 pm
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He Must Fall from Grace

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December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
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October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interested…

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. We’ve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role player’s with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isn’t just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If you’re interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:39 am Moonchild says: I know you guy's closed up shop but if any of you would be interested in joining Ultimate Wrestling I would be happy to have onboard. If guy's wanted to come in as a stable together I would be up for that as well. Whatever you guy's wanted to do would be okay with me.
October 22, 2018, 09:46:44 am Moonchild says: I am currently looking for new role players to join.
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Author Topic: He Must Fall from Grace  (Read 51 times)
Abram Adams

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« on: January 15, 2015, 07:39:33 am »

-Rightfully so, the man that they call the lost and the damned has wandered far away from his current living predicament. No longer does the house of the Order stand tall as it did for so many years, no longer does Abram Adams reside in his beautiful garden he came to love...but also grew to hate. The place where it all started, the place where many memories were created in has now burned to the ground. It is almost symbolic, as if Abram was not only burning the physical house in order to destroy the memory, but instead discarding the memory from within his psyche in order to feel the one thing he refuses to face...his pain. In the mix of all of what has already happened, Karmin leaving, the Order disbanding, Abram losing himself within his inner monster, we still see him walking down Swanston street in Melbourne. Abram walks, with a button up purple dress shirt with thin black striped vertically placed on it. He has on a white pair of slacks and brown dress shoes, he walks with such certainty, almost as if nobody in the world could tell that deep inside this man a monster lurks. Abram walks, flashing his plastic smile to passerby's who have no idea this man is distorted inside, Abram takes a quick left straight into the Swanston Hotel. He walks up to the check in desk wheeling his briefcase close behind him. He sets his briefcase next to him and places his hands on the front counter. The lady looks him up and down and flashes him a smile, the smile of friendly customer service but Abram has a knack of reading other people, he has a keen eye when it comes to those who say so much without making one noise. The lady's eyes have already cased Abram, seeing a relatively good looking man in great shape walk in and smile at her has her face lit up like a sunny morning in LA at 6am.-

"Hello there! Welcome to the Swanston Hotel."

-She says in a very excited but not overly off-putting manner. Abram smiles at her.-

"Thanks, I am here to check in."

"Certainly! What's the name?"


"Adams, Adams."

-It takes a few moments as the lady scrolls the computer, she flashes a quick glance up to Abram then quickly back down to the computer as he noticed her glance.-

"Abram Adams?"


"Ok, here it is, we have you on the third floor yes?"

"Sounds great."

-The lady flashes another smile and then hands Abram the keycard. She slides it across the counter as Abram gives her a half cocked smile and grabs the keycard. He then waves it at her and goes to grab his briefcase before the lady says a few words that makes him not flee so quickly.-

"So!...Um...are you with the wrestling crew that just came here?"

"Wrestling crew?"

"Yeah, that wrestling crew that came here the WWG. I am not much of a fan but surely you are with them yeah?"

-Abram looks at her for a moment almost confused but he obviously knows what she is saying. He then smiles that plastic again and humors her.-

"Ha, you got me. I am with the WWG, there's a big match tonight and I am in it."

"Yeah, yeah! I saw the commercial a few nights ago and I thought that was you on there. I said to myself I know that face and low and behold you are the guy I saw! This is pretty exciting for me, I don't really get to meet many celebrities you know."

-Abram pauses for a moment and thinks, is he a celebrity now? Does it really matter? In his mind nothing matters anymore, it's no longer what he thinks as a man, he now only does what the beast tells him to do. Karmin walked away with his humanity so the accolade of being a celebrity is meaningless to him. Never the less, Abram smiles and waves.-

"Nice to meet you, I actually have to get going."

-Abram says briefly as he walks away to the elevator. The lady, looking somewhat disappointed, waves back and assures him that he has a nice stay. Abram walks into the elevator still flashing the plastic, as soon as the doors shut the smile fades to that dead, emotionless expression he now carries. His sights are set on the elevator doors, his eyes look as if light no longer lingers within them. If you were able to hear the thoughts he has you get the feeling as if you would hear nothing but silence, a windy echo hitting the side of a cold house. Or maybe that is what he would want you to hear? The ding makes his eyes flash upwards as the doors open to the third floor. Abram wheels his briefcase to his room, the hall is strangely empty, not one person has walked by him. Abram swipes the keycard and the door opens, he walks in and shuts it. He sets his briefcase directly next to the closet and just turns around to case the room. He looks at the bed, then the balcony, the back towards the bed. He takes a deep breathe and closes his eyes. We are unable to see what he is thinking but we can only imagine he is reminiscing of a time where him and Karmin shared a bed similiar to the one he was just looking at. The expression on his face as his eyes remain closed show us that he is in fact seeing Karmin, the slightest look of sadness comes over his face, so much so that we have a hard time not feeling Abrams pain. He misses her so much, he thinks of the times that he took her for granted and wishes that he could take them all back. That he could replace them with times that he told her he loved her, with times that he showed her he cared. He wishes he could take all of the negative away and all of the sadness he made her feel, then maybe she would be there in that room with him today. He is having a hard time getting her out of his head when everything he sees reminds him of her in some way. The picture Abram has painted in his mind of once reminiscing with his lost love quickly vanishes right when he opens his eyes. That expression of pain, of remorse, it all goes away within a split second as the face of the beast reemerges. Abram walks past the bed and steps out onto the balcony. He looks down at all of the people walking, the cars driving by and looks up at the night sky. There are no stars, Abram grew accustomed to watching the stars in his garden but now, here, no stars are presented. Abram takes a deep breathe then glances over to his left, he sees one single white daisy in a flower pot on the ledge. He smirks and walks over, he observes it, one single white daisy, as if it was representing a few things. Abram observes the flower, fascinated by it.-

"A white daisy. Sitting alone in a flower pot, by itself, with no other daisy's around to keep it company. They are not known for sets of singles, at least that was not how I raised my daisies. This one just represents so many things, it is almost philosophical, as if the Universe itself has made this flower appear at this very moment, in this very room. The white peddles, so bright it is as if it is emitting light from the sides, the yellow center as bright as the sun. This flower stands to be perfect, but yet here it stands alone. It is such a shame to see something so flawless be without company, it is borderline criminal to be placed without another somewhere all by yourself. Or maybe, maybe this daisy was just waiting for another to come along and observe its beauty? Maybe this daisy was placed here for me to ensure me that I am not alone, that there is still hope on the horizon?"

-Abram smiles and looks up at the sky, a brief glimpse of excitement grows across his face showing shades of the old, happy Abram. Abram reaches over and plucks the daisy out of the pot and twirls it in his hand. He holds it up to his face and smells it.-

"When you take something out of its natural habitat only to put it somewhere that it simply does not belong, discomfort will present itself. You simply cannot remove what is placed for a purpose, in this case out of something so futile as a mere decoration. People assume that plants, flowers mostly, are placed upon this Earth to please the human eye, to capture anothers heart, to represent the fallacy many known to be love. They do not see below the surface, they do not know that flowers themselves also live, feed, breath, and die, just like the rest of us. For this, some of which go unnoticed, most of which just get ignored until they eventually die. Many do not realize that flowers, they need love just like the rest of us, they need attention, they mustn't go unnoticed for they serve a great purpose, far greater than the ones we can serve. They make our lives that much more easier to live in, just think for a second, the human race celebrates a holiday once a year entitled Valentines Day, where one loving couple would exchange their love for one another. Preferably, the male would buy the female gifts, chocolates, and most He would do this to express his deep devotion for her, his undying love for her because it is a holiday that represents love, warmth, everything that is good. On that day, when you are clutching the one you love tight, regardless of what you are doing, in that moment you realize that you can have a future together, that one day you will live happily ever after and this could be the moment that defines your lives. Together. United. That, my dear friends, that stands as nothing more than a lie. A fallacy. A myth that love has presented to be fact."

-Abram places the daisy in his front pocket and then his hands on the balcony.-

"Valentines Day is derived from Rome, in which many men would do horrible things on this day by sacrificing dogs, goats, and even beating women. This grew to be so popular that women would actually line up to be whipped by these men in hopes of making them fertile. So again you must ask yourself, how is it that something so dark, something so horrible has somehow transformed into something so pleasant, and something that is celebrated by everyone around the world? It is because of one simple thing, the beauty of the flower. Yet, it does not get much credit, for taking something out of the dark and bringing it into the light it should get all the credit in the world. People still let the flower die, they still let it fade away without a single thought. Yes, the life of a flower is short, it is sometimes sad, at one time it is taken care of, it had something to hold on to, something that brings it to life everytime. It lived its days in the sun and warmth bathed over the flower, nothing could take the light away from the flower. Until one day that very thing leaves, then the flower grows dark, it grows cold and a little piece of it dies everyday. It does not fully die until that thing that made it come life either returns, or something new comes along to bring it out of the depths of darkness in order to see it shine once again. Many distinctions can be made between me and the flower, maybe that is why I have taken such a liking to them? In a way I see myself in them, especially now more than I ever did. Maybe I always saw this day coming? The day where I would fall into the dark and slowly die piece by piece, day by day I grow just a little more darker. I stand by hoping that one thing that brought me life will return, to restore what I once had and never let it slip away again. Then again, I find myself waiting just a tad longer each day, and by every passing minute I begin to realize that maybe a new love can bring me back to where I was warm."

-Abram looks down and then back up, he then turns around and faces the camera. A ominous orange glow from the street lights emit from behind his head.-

"Perhaps, in this case, maybe that new love is not in the form of a woman but the form of gold? Greed has never been an issue with me, I have never longed for something such as wealth or shiny, but I must admit when I saw that the Elimination Chamber was building to become the highlight of the WWG in 2015 so far, I had to find a way to involve myself in something of such significance, I had to involve myself to ensure myself that maybe I can be brought back to the light and capture something that will make me stay in the sun. I saw a chance at immortality, a chance to capture the WWG world heavyweight championship. That, in its own, is such a feet that one can only attain with certain dexterity. In such a short time I have noticed that people are beginning to look at me as a threat, this is a good thing for me, not so good for them. They see me as a guy that, in all likelihood, is the frontrunner to take their spot and they should see me as this. In any company, regardless of what you are doing, when you see someone new you know that ultimately they are there to take your spot in one fashion or the other, and while you may have a hard time growing to accept it you must learn that it is unwise to try and fight it. Everyone has their time, and as much as it hurts to move on, you must do so with your head held high. The clown, he is the classic example of a man that has a hard time of moving on. He cannot except the fact that he had his day in the sun, that he had his moment of warmth and while it may have lasted a bit too long, he grew greedy and automatically tried to hog it all to himself once again. He cannot realize, he cannot fathom the fact that he is no longer welcome in that light, the darkness must be his new home now for he had his moment to shine bright. He did, and as bright as his light was, much like everything else, it burnt out and faded away. So he became obsessed with this idea that he can reignite it, that he can spark his flame once again to feel that moment of importance, did he try to do it the hard way by starting over? No he did not, he tried to step on everyone that has walked through the doors to get to the place he has already been and he tried to do this by flashing his fancy past accolades sheet. It worked, for a brief moment it worked, it got him to the main event and when I saw him facing the Wretched Nobody and automatically being placed into the Elimination Chamber, something within me told me that this simply just does not belong."

-Abram looks off to the side as if he is trapped in thought.-

"So I took action, I made something happen rather than sit back and ask myself what if. Many do not like the decision I made, they feel I crossed the line by taking the clown out of action but the way I see it is that I was awarded for my doing. Licious, he granted me the clowns spot in the Elimination Chamber, he granted me the chance to become something that the clown has already been. He offered me a way out of my darkness, Licious, he showed me a light that I didnt think existed. It could not have came at a better time, so now I must step into this contraption in which I have never been before, to face off with the likes of those that stand before me in order to attain the same thing I set out to attain. One man among us stands to keep the one thing that makes us all crave to sit at the top, the question is not if he can keep it, the question is how long can he keep it? The Wretched Nobody, while I have no personal qualms with him or Grace Brutal he does have the one thing that makes us all into a somebody, he carries the WWG world heavyweight championship. While that is common knowledge to the passerby it is something that I must keep telling myself in order to fully wrap my head around the possibility of taking it from him. Not only do I have to deal with him in this match, I have to deal with 5 other individuals as well. The question now is how? How can I achieve what is presented as unfeasible to the likes of me? How can I take away the very thing that has made the Wretched Nobody stand out in the minds of our youth today? I have no simple answer to this question, all I can say is that I will try my best? No, that answer is too standard for my taste, I will not give such a generic explanation as to why I will be the 1 that takes the 1 from the 1. After all, I could be like Eddie Hayes and paint you all this story of the underdog that many have seen time and time again. I could stand in an empty arena and fish for the viewers to bite my worm of sympathy only to try and collect a few cheers when the show lights come up. I could take his approach and say that I never belonged in a place like the WWG or in a ring with such brutes and gladiators with all brawn and no brain."

-As Abram as that last time he puffs out his chest and walks in a circle as if he is imitating the hulk. He then stops, smirks which leads to a chuckle, and faces the camera once again.-

"The fact is that I do not need for you people to sympathize with me. I am in this match to become an immortal, plain and simple, and while the deck seems to be stacked pretty high I take a look at my cards and I cant help but see the others folding in the process of this game. Granted I will admit I do have a few flaws heading into this match, it appears that Rayven has me at a disadvantage for when we last faced each other she did pick up the victory. I do not make excuses, she did catch me at a bad angle for 3 short seconds but while she skips around and brags about how I am nothing more than a stepping stone to her success, she must realize one very important thing, in this match, this time around, there will be no little distractions that will save her from the beast. The way I see it is everyone has their lucky days, even the unluckiest person alive has at least one day that seems to go right for there, where everything just falls into place nice and neat. Rayven, I hate to break this to you but that night we faced each other, well that was nothing more than your lucky day. You had all the stars align on that night and they were rooting for you, the little girl with a personality disorder picked up the victory over me and I could be like everyone else, I could rant and rave and complain that I lost to a girl but I just dont see it that way. I see it as you running a string of luck, but come the Elimination Chamber, well, needless to say this time I brought a pair of scissors to cut that string completely. So the story goes, your luck run either way, but whether that way be up high or down low, eventually it stops."

-Abram smirks and looks off to the side again.-

"It could go the other ways of course, the way of Alexander Lord who was a last minute resort to this match in the first place. I do not say that to spite the man, I say that to congratulate him if anything. So, congratulations Mr. Lord you have been given the opportunity to have your day in the sun but you must understand that it will not come easy, and I know as well as everyone else that easy can best describe your entire life. You grew up not with a giant silver spoon in that mouth but instead a golden spoon. You grew up having everything handed to you regardless of if you admit it or not, your livelihood and family has money there is no denying, and while I do not see the happiness that supposedly lies behind currency I do see the importance. It makes you a powerful person, fact is, when you have money you become a very powerful individual. It leads you to a place where people will come at your every beck and call, they will wait on you hand and foot just to be noticed by the man with the dollars. Needless to say Alexander, if I may, money has helped you along this far, and while your brother is out painting his face trying to figure out who he is, you will be stuck in the chamber with 5 people who do not see the importance of your money on that night. So answer me this, if you rely so much on your currency to get you what you want, what do you do when that no longer holds value in a place of brutality? Do you run? Or will you stand and fight? I could give you an answer on that Mr. Lord but truth be told the answer is not mine to give, it also is not one to simply be said, you must prove it come that night. While I may not be able to answer the question for you I can give you my honest opinion, that is that you will come close but you will fall short because you lack the vision to see what is important in your life. For this, I actually pity you. Of course you could always portray yourself as a nightmare by swooping in to tell the people you are the best thing since sliced bread to come along and show everyone a thing or two. This of course being Trevor Blackwell, a man straight out of New York with an attitude that is so ostentatious, one has a hard time relating to him on anything. It is quite funny actually, because all Trevor ever wants is for someone to relate to him, I know, he stands around with the anarchist attitude not really caring, or supposedly, not caring what other people think but when you look into his eyes, and you take the time to observe a man like that then you can see his soul twisting and turning inside of him."

-Abram is still looking off to the side of the camera.-

"It is as if you can see his entire life story unfold in front of your own eyes, it's quite sad when you see this actually. If you were to observe this and strip away everything Trevor has going for him, his hard casing, the vulgar remarks and belligerent attitude, you will see that deep inside he is scared, he is alone, he is a crying out to be accepted. That's all he ever wanted, to be accepted by the masses and this is why he surrounds himself with people he shares the same attributes with. This story is interesting, because when you take a closer look you see that Trevor is initiating a war with the Wretched Nobody and the Family, from the general idea of it all it looks amazing. It looks remarkable to see two people of polar opposites have some sort of power struggle, new vs. old, darkness vs. wretchedness. However, if you peal back all of the layers, you will see that there is absolutely no difference between the two at all. Trevor Blackwell and the Wretched Nobody are both very much the same person, they long for acceptance, they are sad and thus that sadness has brought them to a twisted state of mind, granted the fact that Wretched has Grace to change his diaper every now and again and to speak for him, when you look into those dark holes where eyes are supposed to be you will see, no pun intended, that nobody was home all along. Wretched is far more distraught that Trevor is, Trevor still has a piece of humanity left in him and at some point will probably be saved, the Wretched Nobody does not have this granted the fact that was never human in the first place. While many observe him, they are covered in a wave of emotions. The emotions consist of mainly intimidation and fear, they are scared of the way he looks, the way he is, the barbaric mentality he can bestow upon anyone and everyone and the snap of Graces finger. However, what they mainly fear is not the being itself but the fact that he radiates the very definition of the word unknown, and so the saying goes people always fear what they do not understand and the Wretched Nobody is very hard for the casual eye to understand. I look at the Wretched Nobody and the weirdest thing happens, I do not grow scared, in which most cases I should, I do not feel intimidated, in which most cases I would, I am not ashamed to admit that he is a very intimidating monster and at one time I feared the day I would ever come across him. That day has long passed, that day was when my beast was asleep, now that my monster is fully awake it recognizes one of its own and it grows comfort in the fact that others like it still remain. So when I see the Wretched Nobody I do not fear him, I welcome him, I welcome him as one of my own because I see him for who he really is. I see the lost, I see the damned, but most importantly, I see it all quivering in a corner with a half destroyed Teddy Bear rocking back and forth. Why do I see such sadness within the Nobody? It is because I know the one thing he holds on to that makes him stay at bay is his love for one Grace Brutal. I see his attachment to his love and I can relate on such a deep note, their love shows shades of my now lost love, I see this and I almost grow envious. The thought of envy quickly fades when I realize that I have come so far since then, I have patched up my scars and healed all of wounds, while some may still be open, they will close in due time. The Nobody, I see all of his wounds being held together by Grace Brutal and I for that I see the weakness. I see now what I must do in order to accomplish the one thing many could not before me, I see now that I must break the Nobody down in order to reach my spot at immortality. So, the question is presented, what does it take to break the Nobody down?'s simple..."

-Abram then pauses and looks directly into the camera with such a decisive look.-

"You make him fall from Grace..."

-Abram then smirks as the camera fades to black.-


"You must not lose all hope when you venture into the darkness, for your time in the light that was once cut short will reemerge but with a brighter gleam."
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"Times, they are a changin'."

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The Wretched Nobody
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« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2015, 12:48:45 pm »

I like how Adams maintains that cold sense of superiority while still offering the opponents involved their due respect.  That might seem slack or lacking punch to some - but I know that's not an eady balance to stay the course on - and you held it throughout.

Good show.  This was a favorite of mine from your work so far because of the subtle subtext to it.  It's not so much about what Abraham says.... as it is impressive what can be infered from what he doesn't say.  There are points in this that Adams is down right chilling.
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The Wretched Nobody

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