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January 25, 2022, 12:27:46 pm
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Trotters News

+-World Wrestling Generation Chat
December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
August 15, 2020, 05:29:37 pm Rayven_ says: ph34r....
July 29, 2020, 10:48:23 am Steven James says: But it's okay, cuz who doesn't love bitches?
July 29, 2020, 10:47:02 am Steven James says: You're all a bunch of BITCHES
December 14, 2018, 01:10:05 am KXNG says: I miss this old place sometimes
December 08, 2018, 12:21:10 pm NudeKoreanModelWhoSpeaksPortuguese says: din javla fitta
October 30, 2018, 12:41:30 pm J-Dub says: I just realized that I must of spent a lot of time here because i added 3 other hobbies.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interestedÖ

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. Weíve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role playerís with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isnít just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If youíre interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:39 am Moonchild says: I know you guy's closed up shop but if any of you would be interested in joining Ultimate Wrestling I would be happy to have onboard. If guy's wanted to come in as a stable together I would be up for that as well. Whatever you guy's wanted to do would be okay with me.
October 22, 2018, 09:46:44 am Moonchild says: I am currently looking for new role players to join.
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Author Topic: Trotters News  (Read 29 times)
Derrick Trotter
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« on: October 21, 2016, 06:33:35 am »

Trotter news!
Derrick and Rodney are both sat down at a news desk which is light green, The background is yellow but in green letters we have have the words Trotter news.

Derrick and Rodney are dressed in grey suits and a black tie with a white shirt on, They both have big brown glasses on the ones that nerds wear but have got no lenses on them. They also have a fake mustache. They both begin to rustle some A4 size papers and place them on the desk before pretending to talk to each other they both smile at each other before looking into to the camera.

Rodney Trotter: Welcome everybody to the very first episode of Trotters news. Iím here with my college and brother Derrick Trotter and we aim to bring you the very best news right across the board all things WWG. But first here is your next Carnage champion, My Brother Derrick.

Derrick smiles at Rodney then to the camera, He pushes his glasses up before getting comfortable and pauses for a moment then begins to speak.

Derrick Trotter: Why thank you brother, And welcome to the news. In just a few weeks it will be one of the my favorite holidays of the year Halloween not  because you can get free candy but because I get to scare all the kids that knock on my door. Just like they did to me all those years ago. But enough about that, The real news is that yours truly is getting a shot at being Carnage champion for the third time here in World Wrestling Generation.

My opponents are Yolandi Visser vs Rayven vs Morgan Terry, Three people that I donít think I have had the pleasure of beating but rest assured I will be doing that at Pure Hate. All three will be full of hate after I beat them all. They will be crying like little babies and will be in total shock. This will be the biggest story so far for Derrick Trotter. From being a fallen Absolute champion to becoming the Carnage champ for the third time.
How many wrestlers can say that here right now in WWG, Their wonít be that many I can tell you. Rayen, The so called queen of WWG, I have faced her so many times and yet she has beaten me every single time but this time it will be different, she will have Yolandi to deal with as well as Morgen. What type of name is Morgen Terry, I mean it should be the other way round Terry Morgan. Dumb ass. Any way rodney what other matches have we got at Pure hate?

Rodney smiles and picks up his piece of A4 paper and begins to read out the matches.

Rodney Trotter: First on the card is DC vs Ethan Rains.

Derrick Trotter: Oh nice match to start the show off, DC is very good and the one a be gangster Ethan Rains can be really good if heís not with that sleazeball Mike Mews. This is going to be a cracker, Whatís next?

Rodney Trotter: Next we have your match Derrick.

Derrick Trotter: Ah yes, I forgot what order we was in, Never mind I shall get back to my match later on in the show., Whatís next?

Rodney Trotter: Itís for your old title Derrick the Absolute three way title match with Mewes as the champion v Maxwell Lord with  Alexander Lord.

Derrick Trotter: Ah yes, Mike Mewes has his hands full with that one, Unlucky mate as your losing your title and Iím just about to gain one I feel so sorry for you.

Rodney and Derrick look at each other before saying NOTTTTTTTTT!

Rodney Trotter: Last but not least we have the world championship match, Wretched nobody v Kai Shepard.

Derrick Trotter: Ah yes the monster Wretched, The very man I beat for the Absolute title against in my opinion the best young man right here in this moment in time Kai Shepard. Wretch my old mucker, You my friend are in for a fight but you like that all the pain that goes with it so it should be a very good fight.

Now back to my match, Theirs no secret here, I am the underdog in this match, No doubt about it, Rayven, Yolandi Visser and Morgan Terry. You had better watch out boys and girls because even though I have not beaten any of you I get the opportunity to beat you all at the same time and that is exactly what I am going to do. It might not be me that gives out the finishing move to get the 1,2,3 all I have to do is get be in the right place at the right time and sure enough thatís exactly what Iím going to do.

Rodney Trotter: Hey, Derrick, Who would you date, Rayven or Trine Larsen?

Derrick Trotter: Hey man good question but you know me, I had a thing for Trine bless her so thatís a no brainer for me bless her. Could you imagine making love to rayven and her getting pregnant and having my babies. Jesus man, Crazy little babies being bitches all the time but every now and again there would be my side coming out of them. Feck me that would drive anybody crazy.   

Rodney Trotter: And Morgan would be the Uncle from hell, ha ha.

Derrick looks at Rodney with a quizzical look on him.

Derrick Trotter: But heís not related to Rayven you idiot.

Rodney Trotter: I know, But bloody ell, Uncle Morgen how creepy would that be.

Derrick laughs a little towards his brothers comments before rolling his eyes.

Derrick Trotter: Ha, Ha yeah right, Then we have Yolandi she could be the evil step mom, This is giving me the creeps.

Rodney Trotter: And what about the dad, Who's that going to be?

Derrick Trotter: Fecking ell that would be you, My god what a thought.

Rodney Trotter: Watch it son or your grounded.

Derrick Trotter: Ha, Ha Screw you Rodderís, Listen bro this match os my way of making it up to all the Trotter fans after I lost to Mike Mewes and my Absolute title. I beat these three in one night the all is forgiven. I lose then Iím screwed. I have to win this means all the world to me. Getting that carnage title back would be something quite special. Iím not sure but I donít think there has ever been a three time Carnage champion so this will be a first for wwg. The fans will love it, You will love it and I will love it. These three had better watch out because there all going to get Trottered!

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1x Absolute Champion (Derrick Trotter)
2x Carnage Champion. (Derrick Trotter)
1x Pyscho  Champion (Derrick Trotter)
1x Carnage Champion (Rodney Trotter)

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