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January 23, 2022, 06:55:05 pm
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Reunited and it feels so good...

+-World Wrestling Generation Chat
December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
August 15, 2020, 05:29:37 pm Rayven_ says: ph34r....
July 29, 2020, 10:48:23 am Steven James says: But it's okay, cuz who doesn't love bitches?
July 29, 2020, 10:47:02 am Steven James says: You're all a bunch of BITCHES
December 14, 2018, 01:10:05 am KXNG says: I miss this old place sometimes
December 08, 2018, 12:21:10 pm NudeKoreanModelWhoSpeaksPortuguese says: din javla fitta
October 30, 2018, 12:41:30 pm J-Dub says: I just realized that I must of spent a lot of time here because i added 3 other hobbies.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interested…

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. We’ve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role player’s with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isn’t just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If you’re interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:39 am Moonchild says: I know you guy's closed up shop but if any of you would be interested in joining Ultimate Wrestling I would be happy to have onboard. If guy's wanted to come in as a stable together I would be up for that as well. Whatever you guy's wanted to do would be okay with me.
October 22, 2018, 09:46:44 am Moonchild says: I am currently looking for new role players to join.
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Author Topic: Reunited and it feels so good...  (Read 66 times)
Kira Starlight

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« on: November 06, 2016, 05:50:57 pm »

The sun glared off of the freshly polished hood of the black Tesla Model S as it pulled into the parking lot of WWG Headquarters.  You couldn't tell from the sound, but only the sight of the headlights turning off, when the car was powered down.  A few brief moments later, and Rayven stepped out of the driver's side door.  She took a moment to adjust her hair and mirrored sunglasses before reaching back into the car.  This time, she re-emerged with the Carnage Title and tossed it over her shoulder.  She ran a hand over the face plate a few times, and then gave it a kiss.

“It's about time I got you back.  Two years ago, you were mine, and I promised never to let you go.  But then that beautiful troublesome Trine Larsen ripped you prematurely from my hands.  For almost two years, I got distracted by other goals and titles, and you got passed around like the village **** from person to person, all unworthy to hold you.  But now, now I have made things right.  I have reclaimed you, and it's my shoulder that you sit on, and that's where you should always be.  And no one is going to take you away from me ever again.  Especially not Derrick Trotter, and that's why we're here today to talk with Freddy.”

Yes, Rayven was talking to herself.  Or to the Carnage Title, one of the two.  It really doesn't matter.  Are you judging her for this?  That would be your first mistake.  Just wait til I tell her you were judging her…


Rayven gave another kiss to the title before shrugging it more securely onto her shoulder and heading into the building.  She walked up to the receptionist’s desk where she was greeted by a mousy blonde with glasses.  The nameplate on the desk read “Elise”, so we’ll just call her that for now.  Elise looked up at Rayven and blinked a few times.

“Oh!  Miss Thompson!  We weren’t expecting you today!”

Rayven rolled her eyes and sighed heavily.

“Well, you should have been.  I mean, you saw the card for Carnage this week, right?”

Elise nodded her head.

“Of course I did, I pay very close attention to our product.  You’re defending that title on your shoulder against Derrick Trotter this week, are you not?”

Rayven nodded and leaned a forearm onto the reception desk and looked blankly at Elise.

“That is correct.  And you look like the intelligent sort of beautiful girl, so surely you can see the issue with this, right?”

Elise tilted her head to one side and stared at Rayven confused for a moment.

“Well, Mr. Trotter is a competent wrestler, and a former Carnage champion himself.  I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be given a title shot now and then,”

The hand that Rayven wasn’t currently leaning on balled into a fist and slammed down on the desk, causing the little metal name placard to jump and skitter a few centimeters from where it had previously been sitting.

“You’re as worthless as the rest of them.  Tell Freddy I’m here, I’ll let myself into his office.”

Rayven stood back up and began to walk off.  Elise quickly jumped up and began to follow her.

“Miss Thompson!  Rayven!  ….Rayvenna!”

Rayven stopped in her tracks and very slowly turned around to face Elise.  The look on her face could have melted steel beams.

“...I don’t care what is on the legal paperwork, you are NOT permitted to use that name.”

Surprisingly enough, Elise didn’t back down from the heat of Rayven’s anger that was burning hot enough to melt Frosty the Snowman.

“I...I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Kavanaugh isn’t in today.  Before you kick the door off its hinges and flip his desk over…”

Rayven blinked a few times and shook her head.

“He’s not here?  Well...where is he then?”

Elise shrugged.

“He didn’t say, he just said he wasn’t going to be coming in to the office today.”

Rayven sighed and then looked back to Elise, studying her for a moment before she mussed her hair and poked the tip of her nose with a finger.

“I don’t scare you?  ...I like that in a girl…”

“It’s not that you don’t scare me, Miss Thompson.  It’s that I know if you were to harm me in any way, you would be fired from the company.”

Rayven shrugged, seemingly conceding the point.  She turned and began walking towards the door, but stopped as she passed the receptionist’s desk.  She picked up one of the business cards placed there and a pen out of the coffee mug full of them.  She scribbled something down on the back of the business card before handing it to Elise.

“Call me.”

Elise stared at the card in her hand, then looked up to Rayven, then back to the card.  This carried on for a few moments longer as Rayven made her way back out of the office.  Outside, Rayven stormed across the pavement, back to where she’d parked her Tesla.  She opened the door and gently sat the title belt on the passenger’s seat before getting properly into the driver’s seat and slamming the door shut.  She punched the steering wheel a few times and screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Can you believe the audacity of that so-called man?  Not being in his office?  On a THURSDAY?!”

Rayven sighed and relented, slumping down in her seat a bit.

“Well, I guess there’s nothing sitting here yelling about it will do to change things.  May as well get going to our next stop.  Oh, and I should probably give Sparkles a call, let her know how things are going on my end.  See if Tony has woke up yet…”

Rayven keyed the push-button ignition and the lights on the dash came to life.  She reached to put the car into gear, but paused and looked over to the belt in the passenger’s seat.

“Safety first!”

She reached across the car and grabbed the passenger’s seat belt, carefully placing it to hold the title belt in place.  Once done, she shifted the car into drive and pulled away.


It wasn’t very often that Rayven would be found darkening the door of a church, but here she was.  It was some non-descript church in some city somewhere.  Don’t you just love when we brush over the unimportant details like that?  Anyways, she had moved further into the church and taken a seat on the fourth pew from the front on the left side.  By the looks of the candles lit along either side and the other decorations and tapestries about, this appeared to be maybe a Catholic church of some ilk.  The Carnage title belt sat idly on the seat next to her as she was leaned forward, arms resting on the back of the pew in front of her.  As her dark eyes studied one of the portraits of Mary at the front of the church, a passing priest stopped and sat next to her.

“How are you this evening, my child?”

A smirk played over Rayven’s lips, but she didn’t turn to look at the priest.

“Forgive me, father, for I am about to sin.”

The priest raised an eyebrow and gestured towards the rear of the church.

“Usually confessions are done in the confessional area.  And you usually confess your sins after you commit them?”

Rayven laughed aloud this time and turned slightly in her seat to face the priest.

“Oh, don’t worry about that.  I don’t believe in your zombie holy man or any of that.  I just came here to clear my mind.”

Now the priest looked really confused, but he just leaned back in the pew and folded his hands together.

“Well, feel free to clear your mind.  What is it that troubles you?”

Rayven laughed and leaned back as well, glancing the other direction at the title belt.

“Oh, this is gonna be good…”

She then looked back to the priest and rolled her eyes.

“I really doubt you’re going to be interested in any of this, but here goes.  So...let’s just pretend for a moment that I’m some kind of fighter.  Not one of those UFC people you hear about on tv all the time, but something kinda similar to that.  And let’s pretend that I’m pretty good at it.  One of the best around, even.  And let’s pretend that very recently, I won some sort of championship title - maybe this one sitting on the seat beside me.  Now, stay with me, cuz this is where things start to get a little crazy.”

Rayven stretched and folded her hands together, setting off a series of cracks and pops from her knuckles.

“Now let’s say there’s another one of these fighters that I’ve had to fight several times before.  Let’s just call him Derrick, for simplicity’s sake.  Derrick’s a good name, right?”

The priest shrugged.

“My best friend in kindergarten was named Derrick.”

“Oh my Cthulhu, no one cares…  Anyways, let’s just say that this Derrick fellow, he’s not that terrible of a fighter.  He’s managed to win a few fights here and there and strung a few together to get a bit of momentum going.  He’s even won a few of these titles himself.  Hell, at one point-”


“Oh sod off.  At one point, he even managed to win this very title that I now hold.  But now here’s the catch in this whole story.  Every time that Derrick has been scheduled to fight me, no matter how hard he tries, he has never managed to score a single win against me.”

“Sounds like you’ve got his number.”

“That’s what I’m saying!  So it seems like you’re following thus far, so let’s see what you think about this little situation.  Let’s say that last week, when I won this title, it was in a match against three other people, and one of those people just happened to be this same Derrick fellow.  So chalk up another match in which Derrick failed to score a victory over me.  Now, fast forward to this week, and PLEASE explain to me what line of logic lends itself to thinking that Derrick should have a shot at my freshly reclaimed title?”

The priest thought about the question for a moment.

“Well, you did say he has managed a few wins here and there against other opponents.  So maybe something happened in those matches that made your boss think he was deserving of another shot at a title?”

Rayven turned and pointed a finger in the priest’s face.

“Did you miss the point where I said that Derrick has never defeated me?  If his history of wins and losses should show the boss many anything, it’s that Derrick has never beat me, and he never will.  He is destined to struggle eternally to try and log his first win against me, and he will continue to fail and fail and fail.  The only logical conclusion that can be reached when looking at Derrick’s record of wins and losses, and trying to decide whether he is worthy of another match against me for a shot at my title, is that he is deserving of exactly nothing.  This match is going to end exactly the same way as every other time we have met in the ring.  We’re going to walk into that ring, we’re going to throw fists at each other, I’m going to beat him into the ground and I’m going to walk out still holding this title belt over my shoulder.”

The priest nodded his head a few times.

“Well you seem pretty certain of your skill.  I don’t quite see why you’re so upset about it.  It seems like you should be at peace with the fact you have an easy victory lined up for you and you don’t have to worry about losing your title.”

Rayven shook her head and lowered herself to rest her forehead where her arms had been resting on the pew in front of her a moment before.

“That’s not the point.  Am I glad that I’ve got an easy win lined up for me?  Sure.  Am I going to look that gift horse in the mouth?  Maybe.  What kind of a horse is it?  A Palomino?  A Paint?  It makes a difference…  But the point I’m trying to make is, the reason I’m upset that he is getting another chance, is because he is completely undeserving of it!  He hasn’t earned the right to lace up my boots, let alone step in the ring against them.  Do you know exactly what it was he did to earn his shot this week?  He lost to me last week!”

There was a brief pause in their conversation, and the sound of the front door of the church opening and closing.  The priest looked over his shoulder at the newcomer, and then back to Rayven.

“Well, it looks like someone else might be in more need of my conversation than you.  Good luck in your match this week.  And do you think you could get me Trine Larsen’s autograph?”

Rayven blinked and stared at the priest in disbelief for a moment.

“Wait, you know who I am and what I do?”

The priest smiled and nodded as he stood from his seat.

“I’ve been a fan since I was five…”

He turned and walked away, leaving Rayven a bit stunned.  After a moment, she finally gathered herself, picked up her title belt, and made her way out of the church.
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Derrick Trotter
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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2016, 04:02:10 am »

This was quality once again, I love how Rayven thinks Trotter is not worth another shot at the title because she has beaten him on very occasion, She was little rude though but that's her all over lol Cracking roll play once more i think, No I know you will keep this till you can exchange it for your world title shot. Great work.
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« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2016, 03:10:26 am »

Rayven...... in a church!!???  What hell is going on here..... did hell freeze over???  Hell of a flowed nicely and I really enjoyed it.
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