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December 03, 2023, 04:27:07 pm
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The Dark Knight Returns

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October 17, 2022, 02:23:05 pm The Wretched Nobody says:
March 23, 2022, 12:12:04 pm J-Dub says: Just popping in to leave my message that I actually visited again
December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
August 15, 2020, 05:29:37 pm Rayven_ says: ph34r....
July 29, 2020, 10:48:23 am Steven James says: But it's okay, cuz who doesn't love bitches?
July 29, 2020, 10:47:02 am Steven James says: You're all a bunch of BITCHES
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December 08, 2018, 12:21:10 pm NudeKoreanModelWhoSpeaksPortuguese says: din javla fitta
October 30, 2018, 12:41:30 pm J-Dub says: I just realized that I must of spent a lot of time here because i added 3 other hobbies.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interestedÖ

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. Weíve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role playerís with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isnít just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If youíre interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
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Author Topic: The Dark Knight Returns  (Read 121 times)
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« on: May 29, 2017, 05:24:59 pm »


Viewerís from across the world are tuned in live or a customary today watching on-demand online.  As the World Wrestling Generation continues its historic run across the world of professional wrestling, the world of sports has begun to take notice.  The World Wrestling Generation has one of their biggest shows in recent memory on the Horizon.  This show is not only special because of the magnitude of the competitors involved but because it is a tribute to one WWGís fallen superstars L.  Superstars past and present have signed on to put together a great tribute show.  With all of the excitement and anticipation for the event, some outlets have begun to produced special reports on various superstars, management and fans.  One such outlet is ESPN, home to one of the biggest sporting networks in the world.  ESPN has tab their E:60 crew to conduct a special report with one of the biggest superstars from the past returning for the show.  That Superstar is is a three time WWG World Champion, and WWG Hall of Famer...Jason Richardson.

The scene opens up with a view of the pavement on the ground.  Suddenly the wheels of a car roll into the camera view.  The camera pans to a wider view, revealing the full view of the car.  Itís a luxury car, black, tinted windows and almost glowing in the sunlight.  The door opens and out steps a man.  The dressed from head to toe in NIKE gear.  The only thing not branded with the NIKE logo are the Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

This is JASON RICHARDSON!  (As the narrator continues to talk about Jasonís accomplishments, the video feed splices in some of Jason greatest moments from his WWG career.)  Richardson is a high school wrestling legend in the state of Missouri.  Posting over one hundred wins, despite not competing as a Senior.  Richardson later popped on the scene as a pro wrestler.  Not just any pro wrestler, the pro wrestler.  Labeled as the Franchise of the WWG, and lived up to that name.  Winning the WWG World Championship on three separate occasions. 

Jason opens the back door and grabs a gym bag out the backseat.  Of course, itís branded by the NIKE label. Jason slams the door and begins to walk toward the building that is now visible to the viewing audience.

INTERVIEWER:[color= lightgrey]What kind of car is that?[/color]

JASON:Oh this thing...2016 Rolls Royce Ghost!  My favorite little play toy to bring out.  The boys like to call it the ďBat-MobileĒ. 

Jason the Interviewer and the Camera man all have a quick laugh. 

As you can tell, Jason hasnít lost his style.  One of the more flamboyant wrestlers in his day, he hasnít lost his personality.  Oh, and who are the boys heís speaking of?  His students.  In Jasonís retirement he owns and runs his own wrestling school training the next generation of superstars.

As the camera follows Jason into the building, the pan to the sign on the building which reads ďThe Franchise School of WrestlingĒ. 

However, Jason isnít all about flash anymore, heís all about substance.

Jason walks over to a power box and begins to turn on the lights and air conditioning in the building.  He begins to speak to the audience. 

JASON: I donít bring that car out much, figured Iíd bring out today for the fans of ďThe FranchiseĒ, give them some of that old me.  The me today is much more Jason.  Iím more accustom to driving an SUV and watching my kids play tee-ball.

Jasonís life has changed very much since stepping away from the wrestling ring.  Firstly, heís a family man now, married to his wife of 7 years and being a father to this two twin boys Adrian and Malachi, age five.  He attends sons sporting events regularly, but doesnít get involved in the coaching aspect with his children. 

Jason his sitting behind his desk in his office in the building.  He receives a related question to family man lifestyle.   

JASON:  I just like enjoying the little things in life.  I get a lot of joy out of watching my boys and being able to be at all of their events.  As many of you know I had a fairly good childhood up to a point in my life.  Then, it was all taken away and my life changed forever.  I know how quickly life turn, so I want soak up as much of the good times as possible.  I want to be around for my kids as a father, not as a coach, a dictator or a trainer, but as just a father.  I guess that has as much to do with me stepping away from the business as anything. 

Even though Jason has stepped away from in-ring competition, he still has a hand in the business with his wrestling school. 

INTERVIEWER:[color= lightgrey]  Why did you decide to open up a wrestling school?[/color]

JASON:  After I stepped away from the business I really didnít know what I was going to do.  I mean the only thing I was really trained to do was wrestle.  I do some acting gigs here and there but even that didnít feel like something I was just all-in to do for a living.  Then one night Iím flipping through and I catch a wrestling program on, so I stop and watch.  I watch for ten...twenty minutes and I have to turn it off.  The stuff the guys are doing in the ring just upset me.  Iím telling my wife whoís training these guys, and she makes an off-hand comment, ďmaybe you shouldĒ, and that just stuck with me.  I few months later IĒm opening the doors to this place.  Itís one of the best decisions Iíve ever made.  Itís a way from me to give back to the business that has given me so much and still be around for my family and provide for them. 

Jasonís wrestling school wasnít an overnight success, but over time the school became one of the best in the states.

JASON:  I started the school but I didnít really know what I was getting myself into.  I didnít know anything about running a school.  What it would take?  The one thing I did know is I wanted my wrestling school to be on the up and up, top notch everything, and I wanted be hands on with every aspect of the schoo..   I had to learn everything one by one.  Itís like being in college and having a class for this and a class for that.  I had people in the know help with things like building maintenance, property taxes, medical paperwork and the list goes on and on.  Then you have register with this and with that.  Then, finally I could start reaching out for students.  That was almost as hard as getting the school itself together.  The first couple hundred or so were a mixed bag of fans, failed athletes and people who are trying to get back into shape.  I go through a hundred or so in month and get five to stick around.  In those five itís just people willing to do the work, canít tell if they have what it takes yet.  You through that process for a couple months, and you hope you can strike gold and I did!

The gold Jason is talking about is none of than Maxwell and Alexander the Lord Brothers.  (Footage of the both Maxwell and Alexander is played, showcasing the begins in the business to their ascend to championship status.)  Maxwell and Alexander are two of the top performers in the World Wrestling Generation and are currently the Team Champions of the promotion. 

JASON:  No matter what any trainer will tell you, everyone wants to train the next big thing.  Every wrestling school is hoping that the next Jason Richardson or Scott Carr is going to come form there school, but those are special talents and you canít manufacture that IT Factor.  You either have it or you donít.  I could tell my first time working with Maxwell, that he was raw, but he had so much ability, so much charisma.  His approach to the ring was much different than mine but he didnít have be like me.  He just needed the knowledge, the know how.  Once he had that the sky was the limit.  Then, he sends his brother to me.  At, first I was skeptical, because you always here stories of the one brother being great and the other being not so great.  I didnít want ruin my relationship with my best student by telling him his brother sucks.  Fortunately for me, he didnít suck.  He was one of the smartest people in the ring I had ever seen.  He studied more than anyone I had ever trained or worked with.  These are the kind of guys that a trainer dreams for.  Them being successful helped make my wrestling school become more successful.  Now, I have my chose of thousands of prospective wrestlers across the globe.  Thatís what I wanted.  I wanted to be able to train people who had a real passion for the business, the same passion that I do . 

Passion that what has kept Jason in business up to this point.  But now itís more than passion.  Itís one more match.  Jason will be returning to the ring, in a memorial tournament for a fallen WWG Superstar.  L was a promising WWG superstar.  L is one nine triple crown winners in WWG history, winning the Tag Team Championships, the Pure Pride Championship and the WWG World Heavyweight Championship.  Lís career was tragically cut short, but the company has been focused on keeping his memory alive. 

JASON:  My asked me the question after I hung the phone after telling Frederick Kavanagh, yes.  She asked, ďWhy now?í  I only had really two answers to the question.  Firstly, and most importantly out of respect for the person and competitor that Orion was.  The respect I have for him.  He was one of the guys around at the time that actually gave me a chance.  Most of the guys at the time shunned me, tried everything they could to break me, but not him.  He was humble and gracious in victory and in defeat.  I keep a poster of him in the training facility.  Heís someone that I make all of my student learn about.  We watch his matches and his promos.  He was the complete opposite of me as a wrestler and I do it as a way of showing there is no one mold that superstar can come in.  He can be as large as a house or he can be a small as a mouse.  Itís about what you put into your craft, thatís what youíll get out of it.  So, when they called me and gave me the run down on what they wanted to do they only answer I had was yes. 

The second reason, I guess is a little more selfish.  I want my sons to see their dad in action.  I want to show my students that I still have it.  Hell, I want to show the world that I still have.  Of course Iíve showed them tapes of what I could do in the ring and how great I was.  But I want to be able to experience it live, in the here and now.  I wake up every morning I come in here, before anybody else and I train.  I train like Iím going out there for more match, one more run.  Sometime at home when everyone is asleep in the house.  Iíll get up, open my closet pull out my old wrestling boots.  Iíll take Ďem and Iíll put brand new laces in Ďem.  I know that guy in still inside.  I know the inch will never go away.  If I can go out there for just one night put the boots on, put the coat on, put the shades on one more time.  Go out to that ring in front of thousands of people and be The Franchise one more time.  This is just something I have to do.

Jason Richardson wonít be the only past WWG Superstar to return for the festivities.  The event will the returns of such WWG greats as Dante Deranged (footage of Dante), Jakob Hysteria (footage of Jakob), SlipShod (footage of SlipShoD) and Scott Carr (Footage of Carr and Richardson standing face to face over the years.), the latter will be one of men Jason will face in his opening round match.  Also, in that opening round match is PR Star and Morgan Terry. 

JASON:  I could sit up here and tell you a lot of things about what to expect.  I can tell you that Iím coming to see if I still got it.  I could tell you a bunch of old man jokes, talk about the good old days.  I could give the quotes about experience but Iím not.  Iím going to tell you like I told everyone the moment I stepped in a WWG ring.  I am the best wrestler in the world.  That is in past, present and future tense.  I donít put myself on the same level as all of the other champions and former champions, or all of the hall of famers.  I put myself two levels higher because thatís where I belong.  Iím not looking for anyone to take it easy on me because Iím not going to take it easy on anyone else.  There is going to be a moment when every is buzzing about the return of this superstar and that superstar.  Then, the lights will go down, the music will hit and out will come Jason Richardson.  Then, things will go from euphoric to somber.  No more laughs, hi-fives and handshakes.  Itís all business in that ring.  Iím not coming to just participate.  Iím coming to win.  Iíve talked about my love, my passion for the business and my respect for the business and my respect for Orion.  I wouldnít be doing either any justice if I just laid down and let some one win with no passion, no heart, no respect.  The person who wins this tournament will earn it.  Thatís what Orion deserves.

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« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 11:35:23 am »

You were always one of my favorite writers by far. Always enjoyed your work whether it be as Joe Hennig or Jason Richardson.
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