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January 20, 2022, 03:35:34 pm
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One More Time

+-World Wrestling Generation Chat
December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
August 15, 2020, 05:29:37 pm Rayven_ says: ph34r....
July 29, 2020, 10:48:23 am Steven James says: But it's okay, cuz who doesn't love bitches?
July 29, 2020, 10:47:02 am Steven James says: You're all a bunch of BITCHES
December 14, 2018, 01:10:05 am KXNG says: I miss this old place sometimes
December 08, 2018, 12:21:10 pm NudeKoreanModelWhoSpeaksPortuguese says: din javla fitta
October 30, 2018, 12:41:30 pm J-Dub says: I just realized that I must of spent a lot of time here because i added 3 other hobbies.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interested…

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. We’ve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role player’s with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isn’t just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If you’re interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:39 am Moonchild says: I know you guy's closed up shop but if any of you would be interested in joining Ultimate Wrestling I would be happy to have onboard. If guy's wanted to come in as a stable together I would be up for that as well. Whatever you guy's wanted to do would be okay with me.
October 22, 2018, 09:46:44 am Moonchild says: I am currently looking for new role players to join.
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Author Topic: One More Time  (Read 17 times)
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« on: August 07, 2020, 07:23:50 pm »


It was November of 2009 when the wrestling world, especially, the WWG Universe was introduced to a new superstar.  A superstar that was cool, had charisma and and his infectious personality made fans around the word love him to no end or hate hime enough to pay to see someone beat him.  A superstart that would go on to call himself "The Franchise of WWG".  A self-given moniker that young superstar would grow into by the time he called it a career.  It only took this superstar one month to ascend to the top of the World Wrestling Generation and capture the WWG World Heavyweight Championship in December of 2009.  Ladies and gentlemen, returning for the WWG reunion show, is an icon, a legend and a WWG Hall of Famer.  He stands at six foot and three inches tall,  weighed in a two hundred and fifty pounds, from St. Louis Missouri, three time WWG World Heavyweight Champion, "The Franchise" Jason Richardson returns to the World Wrestling Generation.

When people retire from the job they worked at for the majority of their lives, it can be scary.  For some people, it was the job they've wanted their entire live.  For others, is was a job they didn't know they wanted but grew to love their profession and the people around them.  While the retirement is partly a celebration of everything the person was able to do and the lives the person was able to touch and change.  Retirement is also a sad time because it is an end of a person's life up to that point.  The though of the part of your life that you worked for ending can be scary for some people because now you have to ask yourself "what's next?".  You work your whole life for something, now you have to find something new, something else to try to quench that thirst and drive you have inside of you.  These are the exact thoughts for one Jason Richardson when he decided to hang up his boots and call it career.  Jason was still relatively young as person, but the wear and tear of the wrestling business had taken a toll on his body.  It was time for him to step away from the business.  The question is what was he stepping into?  Jason tried his hand a different entertainment ventures.  He did movies, hosted tv and award shows but those gigs were not good enough to satisfy Jason and his life's ambition.  Then, one day it dawned on Jason, what the next stage of his life was going to be.  The next stage for Jason was going to be training the next generation of wrestlers.  Thus "The Franchise School of Wrestling" was born.  Jason was at peace with his career and felt it was his duty to give back to the wrestling business that had given him so much. 


Jason would go on to train a number wrestlers in the wrestling business, some were winners and some of them weren't.  Some of them even went on to follow in Jason's footsteps and become WWG superstars.  The likes of brothers Maxwell Lord and Alexander Lord are some Jason most prized students.  Being a trainer and coach became Jason new passion outside of the ring, but now this wrestling school was going to be Jason's testing arena.  Not testing for any of his student, but testing for himself.  Jason had accepted an invitation to compete one more time.  Now, Jason would never turn down a oppurtunity to show up for the World Wrestling Generation, but to actually compete is something different.  Jason now has to get back in the mindstate he was in all those years ago.  The wrestling school will be the testing grounds for Jason to see if he will be able to go in the ring.  So, Jason has to train, and not with just anybody.  For this occasion, Jason has put in a special call to two of his favorite and most successful students, Maxwell and Alexander Lord.  The two students were more than willing to oblige their mentor on his quest to return to the ring. 

You hear the rumble of the ring and the voices echoing off the empty building.  In the ring you see Jason Richardson dripping with sweat with his arms wrapped around the waist of Maxwell Lord.  Outside the ring drapped on the apron of the ring is Alexander Lord yelling out orders to both Jason and Maxwell.

Come on Max, you have to get out there!  Get him off your back!  You gotta drop down!  Drop down!  He's using your leverage against you.  You're too high!

Maxwell is clearly not listening to Alexander's commentary on the sidelines.  Maxwell instead of dropping down, has now leaned back into Jason and is trying to turn his hips.  However, Jason is using his amateur wrestling background and now has lifted Maxwell's feet off the canvas.  Jason has Mawell up in the air, then quickly turns Maxwell and slams him face first onto the canvas.  Maxwell finds himself face down flat on the canvas and Jason is in the power position. 

JESUS CHRIST!  Now is when you spin Max!  Turn Your hips or dead in there! 

Jason is jocking for better position on the back of Maxwell Lord.  Jason has his hands under the arms Alexander still, and is trying to pry them free.  Maxwell isn't allow him.  Jason finally slips one hand free.  Maxwell is fighting for his life now to keep control of the other hand of Jason.  Jason is positioning his free arm around the neck of Maxwell.  Maxwell now knows which route Jason is attempting to go to defeat him.  Maxwell must not allow it.  After a few more seconds that feel like minutes of Jason and Maxwell grappling for better position, Jason finally uses all of his power to spin over to his back, and now Maxwell is on top, but his back is on Jason's chest and even more bad news Jason's arm is free.  Jason quickly looks in a rear naked choke. 


Maxwell is refusing to tap, he has too much pride.  Jason is waiting for Maxwell to gracefully bow out, but he knows he never will.  Jason proceeds to grapevine his legs around the body of Maxwell, then he slowly tightens his grip around the neck of Maxwell.  It's like an anaconda slowly suffocating the life out of its prey.  Maxwell face is changing colors as Jason wrenches back on the choke hold.  From the corner, comes a white towel flying into the bodies of Jason and Maxwell.  Alexander has thrown in the towel for his brother.  Jason sees the towel, finally releases his grip on the hold.  Maxwell can finally breath and takes a big gasp of air.  Jason lies flat on the canvas also gassed out.  There are a few moments where both guys are just lying around as Alexander enters the ring with two bottled waters.  Alex hands one to Jason who gladly takes the bottled water.  Alexander attempts to hand one to his brother Maxwell

W-W-Why did you.... throw in the towel?

Really?  Because if I didn't throw in the towel, I would be sitting here trying to revive you and I don't feel like giving you mouth-to-mouth. 

I would've come back.  I always come back.

Still got that never say die attitude, I always liked that about you Maxwell.  It's your gift and your curse. 

Is it so bad that I'd rather die behind my shield that yield like a coward. 

We're not gladiators anymore Max.  There is a difference between being a coward and being smart.  You can give a little battle here and there, the goal is to win the war, Max. 

And you call me the gladiator?

Maxwell smiles and takes the water bottle from Alexander.  The three men have a good laugh amongst themselves. 

Boss, you look a little winded there?

If I look it, that's because I am.

Are you going to make it at that reunion show?

I'll make it, I just have to come to terms with one undeniable fact.  The fact that I am officially old.  I know forty isn't old for regular people and regular jobs but for what we do in this ring, forty is old.  Then, on top of that, the fact that I have not been actively training for in-ring competition for a least the last five years.  I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm not the wrestler that I used to be.  You know when they called me for this reunion show, I almost turned it down. 


Out of fear.  The fear of going out in front of all of the fans of yester year and my peers from back in the dayand embarrasing myself.  It was that fear that almost stopped me from competing at the show.  Then, I had to be honest with myself.  Because at the end of the day, this reunion show and this match is something I have to do.  I have to see for myself if I can still do this.  Can I still compete at a high level?  Yeah, I might be as flashy as I once was.  I might be as athletic as I used to be.  Those thoughts caused me to pause, but I had to remember that's not what made me who I was.  I had to take my own advice that I teach all my students.  I prided myself on being the smartest and most tactical superstar.  I preach for my students to study film.  I taught to focus on the opponent and the match, because every situation is different.  Now, I have to take my advice because this situation is very different, and I have prepare for that.  I have know that my body is going to want to do some of the moves that I used to do.  However, I have to know in my mind that I can not do those moves anymore.  I believe I conquered that part of my preparation.  I believe I've gotten past the fear stage and gotten over not being the same wrestler I used to be.  Now, it's all about preparing for the fight.

(Jason finally stands up off the canvas.  Jason and Alexander exit through the ring ropes while Maxwell rolls under the ring ropes.  Jason and Alexander grab some folding chairs that were leaned up against the wall.  They unfold the chairs and take seats next to the ring.  Maxwell just sit up on the apron.)

Well let's talk about that, the fight.  What's the game plan going into this triple threat match?

Well, I mean triple threat matches are always difficult because they are hard to prepare for.  Singles match are easy because its one on one.  You don't have to have my head on a swivel, you can focus and you can lock in on that one opponent.  The stipulations really don't matter in a one on one match up, because your ultimate goal is to beat the man that's in front of you.  In a triple threat match, you have to focus on some many different factors.  The first factor being, that you don't even have to be pinned to lose.  There will come a point in the match were you will have to stop your opponent for being pinned, which goes against everything you been taught about battle.  In a triple threat match, you want to first assert your dominance I feel.  You always want the opponents to know that you are the biggest threat.  Then, at some point in the match, it turns from being dominant to self-preservation.  That's where your senses and timing comes in and you have know when it's time take a couple breaks on the outside, get some air  and collect your thoughts.  After that, you want to pick your spots.  You break up pins when you have to, maybe even attempt a few, but you have stick and move.  In this match, each guy is a veteran but we all have different styles.  Nick is all about imposing his will physically and mentally.  Nick will use any and all tactics to get win.  Nick also not opposed to using some foreign objects as well.  I know when matched up against Nick it's going to be a meeting of the minds.  We're both very mentally tough competitors and understand that aspect of the game, it's going to be a chess.  Now, Marcus on the other hand is a grinder.  Marcus has had to grind his whole career from the bottom and he made his way to the top.  Marcus is all heart and he'll fight come hell or high water I know that.  I mean why do you think I wanted to train with you two?

(Both Alexander and Maxwell look at the each confused for a second.)

What's that supposed to mean?  Why did you want to train with us?

The both of you are two of my most prized students.  Watching you two wrestle every night, kind of kept me alive in the business.  Even though, I trained you both and gave you a part of my in-ring knowledge, you both still retained the core qualities of your own personalities.  Alexander is a conning, shrewd businessman hell-bent on having the world at his fingertips.  Even though your style is different with the suits, your much more like Nick, using your mind to conquer.  I believe you give the best sparing matchup for a guy like Nick Sadistic.  When you and I are in this ring going to toe Alex, I know it's going to be a chess match.  However, Maxwell a fighter.  Maxwell is a guy that never should have been a wrestler, much less a successful one, but he hustled his way out the mud.  It's that grind, that heart, that want that makes you a great comparison for Marcus.  I didn't want to tell you guys why you were here, because I didn't want you to change-up your games, I wanted you to be your natural selves, because that was what was best for me in terms of being ready.   

Always the teacher, and that's why I love being your student. 

(Alexander and Jason exchange some dap as Maxwell takes another swig of the water.  Maxwell wipes his mouth.)

So, have you found that love for the business again?

Found it?  It never left.  Do you think I would be running a wrestling school if I didn't love this business?  I mean I love you guys and all but I'm not doing this for my health, and I'm not doing this for the money.  I'm doing this because I love this business.  The wrestling business saved my life.  I know I've said this many times, but the wrestling business absolutely saved my life.  I was living on the streets, on park benches and in shelters and then I blessed with opportunity to make some money doing the only thing I ever knew how to do, wrestle.  The little money I was making in clubs and high schools felt like a million dollars to someone who had nothing.  Honestly, I thought that was how I was going to make a living, going for town to town, little small arena to little small arena.  Never once could I have dreamed that someone from World Wrestling Generation would see me, and change my life forever.  Think about it, in October of 2009, I'm wrestling for pennies paying gangsters off.  By the end of December, i was World Heavyweight Champion on a national television program.  So, I owe wrestling everything.  I owe WWG everything.  That's why I always come back for the reunion shows and legend shows, because I owe them that much at least. 

Well, this time it's not going to be enough for you just to show up.  The people don't want to just see Jason Richardson show up and wrestle.  The people want to see "The Franchise".  Hell, I want to see "The Franchise".  Yeah, you can tell us the sobs stories and how hard it was for you to get up for this match, but the people don't want to hear that.  The people want to hear that confident, cocky, son-of-**** that the people hate that they love.  That's what the people want to see.

I know that's what the people want and that's what I'm going to give them.  I'm going to give the people "The Franchise".

(Alexander stands up and walks over to his bag.)

Well, talk is cheap, let's see it. 

(Alexander pulls out his phone.)

We've seen you wrestler and you still have it in the ring, but that's not all "The Franchise" is known for.  I want to hear, from your mouth.  Hell, the world wants to hear.  So, let's give it too them now.


RIGHT NOW!  I'm about to go live on my phone now, and we about to broadcast to the world Jason Richardson first promo for the WWG: Reunion Show.  You get one take, no edits, no reshoots, ONE TAKE!  In this one take I want to see, my brother wants to see, the world wants to see Jason Richardson be "The Franchise".

(Maxwell moves over by his brother so he can check out the camera, and Jason moves over to the ring and stands on the ground outside of the ring. ) 

Okay, Boss we're about to go live in 5...4...3...2

(The red light comes on.  Now, the people filling in on Alexander's live feed, and the fans are greeted with a treat.  They see Jason Richardson standing there.  The comment section begins to go crazy.  Jason can't see any of this.  Jason only sees the back of a phone.  At this moment, he doesn't even see Alexander and Maxwell anymore, it's just him and the camera.)

Well, I bet this as big of a shock to you all as it is to me.  I never done this before, but we're going to make this work, because I want to talk to the people.  I want to talk to my fans, I even want to talk to the people who aren't fans of me.  For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Jason Richardson and I am "The Franchise of the World Wrestling Generation". least I was.  For many years, I was one of the best wrestlers in the world.  It was on my back that WWG was able to relaunch after many of its past stars had walked away from the business.  I stepped onto the scene and from day one, I was a star.  From day one, I was the best.  The biggest star in years, and of course, people want to be around stars.  So, that's where you get the Scott Carr's, the Barney Green's and Jason King's.  All great in their own right, but when you talk about legends, when you talk about icons in this business, you're talking about Jason Richardson.  Every single week I was giving you classic promos, classic moments and classic matches night in and night out.  Yeah, but that was a long time ago.

(Jason rubs the canvas with his hand, then Jason slaps the canvas three times.  Jason grabs the bottom pulling on it.  Then, Jason grabs the middle and uses it to pull himself up on the apron.  Jason steps up onto the apron.  Jason steps through over the second rope and enters the ring.)

Yeah, that was a long time ago.  I paid my dues, made my money and hung boots in the rafters.  I was "The Franchise" no more.  I stepped away from the business away from the limelight.  It was time for some new guys to carry this industry.  I left because it was taking me too long to climb onto the apron.  I was too slow getting through the ropes.  I couldn't run the ropes as fast I used, and I couldn't bounce back as quick as I used to.  On a night in and night out basis, I was no longer at my best.

(Jason begins to run the ropes in the ring, side to side, then up and down.)

Then, I get a call from the World Wrestling Generation.  WWG is doing a reunion show.  They knew, just like I know and the people know, WWG cannot have a reunion show without "The Franchise".  So, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to show up.  But then they asked me to wrestle, and I was hesitant at first.  I hadn't wrestled in years.  But, all I heard on the phone was the people want to see, the people want to see "The Franchise".   I said if it's for the people then yes, you're damn right I'm doing it.  In the back of my mind, I wondered  can I give them that.  Can I give the people "The Franchise"? 

(Jason walks to the corner.  Jason begins to climb one of the turnbuckles, and then sits on the top turnbuckle.)

I asked them, who my opponent was going to be, and they say we've got Marcus Collins vs Nick Sadistic and we want to add you to that and make it a triple threat.  I'm thinking for Jason Richardson's big return all you have for me is Nick Sadistic and Marcus Collins.  I mean no disrespect to those guys and their careers, but you see that triple threat on the marquee, there's only one legend in this match.  I felt a little disrespected, but I accepted the match.  Why?  Because it doesn't matter who my opponent is, that matters about as much as what look I'm a go with.  The only thing that matters is Jason Richardson is back.  Jason Richardson has returned to the WWG.   Jason Richardson is back because I  have to know.  Can I do it ONE MORE TIME?  Can I be that guy ONE MORE TIME?  Can I give you that classic promo just ONE MORE TIME?  Can I give you that classic moment just ONE MORE TIME?  Can I give you that classic match just ONE MORE TIME?  For one night, in one match, can I be "The Franchise" just ONE MORE TIME?   Well, ladies and gentlemen and all the people across the world,  I DAMN SURE CAN!  I am walking into that reunion show, knowing who I am and what I am.  I will walk down that ramp black shades, black trench coat, black boots and trunks knowing who I am and what I am .  Who I am, is "The Franchise" Jason Richardson.  What I am, is the greatest wrestler alive today and that goes for the past, for present and for all-time. 

(Jason climbs and stands up on the top turnbuckle.  Jason turns toward the camera and points at it.  Jason performs a backflip and lands on his feet.)

OH YEAH, YA' BOY IS BACK!   I haven't felt this feeling in a long time, and damn this feels good. 

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