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December 03, 2023, 06:26:35 pm
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Reunion Show Results

+-World Wrestling Generation Chat
October 17, 2022, 02:23:05 pm The Wretched Nobody says:
March 23, 2022, 12:12:04 pm J-Dub says: Just popping in to leave my message that I actually visited again
December 07, 2021, 10:21:41 am Doug says: December 6th 2021. Been a long ass **** time. I miss the lot of ya. Hope everyone is doing well in their own stuff right now.
August 15, 2020, 05:29:37 pm Rayven_ says: ph34r....
July 29, 2020, 10:48:23 am Steven James says: But it's okay, cuz who doesn't love bitches?
July 29, 2020, 10:47:02 am Steven James says: You're all a bunch of BITCHES
December 14, 2018, 01:10:05 am KXNG says: I miss this old place sometimes
December 08, 2018, 12:21:10 pm NudeKoreanModelWhoSpeaksPortuguese says: din javla fitta
October 30, 2018, 12:41:30 pm J-Dub says: I just realized that I must of spent a lot of time here because i added 3 other hobbies.
October 22, 2018, 09:47:51 am Moonchild says: Ultimate Online Wrestling

To anyone who is interested…

Ultimate Online Wrestling is currently looking to expand its roster this year for Season 2 of our heavily story driven E-Fed that sort of reads and feels like a comic book. We’ve been open for 14 months and have posted 12 well written shows on the SteemIt platform. We have over 1600 followers on there and we use the platform to make a little money from the hobby that we love. We are a laid back E-Fed for adults and we only do about 1 show a month. There is a 2 Role Play limit per show with no word limit on individual role plays.

We are a unique E-Fed in that I reward my role player’s with the Crypto-Currency XP Coin which can be converted into Bitcoin on online exchanges. We also write and do our shows in a way that concentrates on an actual audience that reads our work on the SteemIt community network. So our work isn’t just consumed by people involved in the E-Fed, but also fans of our work on SteemIt and Twitter.

If you’re interested joining our roster and learning how we do things at Ultimate Wrestling you can join our discord channel link below. Our roster and staff are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Discord Channel: r/

Below are some of our shows so that you can get a feel for my writing style and our story-lines.
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Author Topic: Reunion Show Results  (Read 1838 times)

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« on: August 17, 2020, 04:55:20 am »

In the year 1999 the Sydney Super Dome was finished. It was a marvel of a structure that was built to be able to house some of the worlds most monumental events. Many would say that in 2000 when it hosted the summer olympics the Super Dome the place had reached the very peak of what it was designed to do. And many of those people would be right. However now, 20 years later, the Quas Bank Arena (as it is now name) is holding host to a much different peak of entertainment. The echo of the camera crews feet walking across the floor outside of the ring can be heard in the cheap seats. Sitting at the desk WWG's commentary team build hype for one of the most sought after matches on this once in a life time card. Their excitement can be heard bouncing off of the 21,000 seat stadium filled with nothing but anticipation and promise of history to be made.

The same emptiness can not found all over the world however. As from country to country TV's, Laptops, Gaming Devices, Cell Phones, Tablets and more are illuminate eager faces of the thousands of fans who had been waiting for this day. Households who feel as if they haven't see the outside world in centuries now gather together to watch what is sure to be a night they will not soon forget. Because as the WWG tech crew works furiously to stream what is about to happen world wide...the world rises up to greet them with nothing less than rabid excitement.

Suddenly across the area the lights cut out, all at once. One the titatron a video shows a question. "Where Is Jason King?" the screen flizzels and pops as static takes it over. Familiar music starts playing in the stadiums massive sound system. "Power" by Kayne West begins to play as clips flash across the screen of a wolf, cloaked in shadow, runs through a city scape.

Kanye West - POWER

Then the music cuts and changes to a remixed version of the song "Back In Black" by ACDC as on the screen the wolf is now joined by others. A pack running through the streets, the street lights doing nothing to illuminate their shadow colored pelts. The rush on towards what looks to be the Qubos Arena.

AC/DC Back In Black Dubstep Remix

However just as the wolves reach the stadium the image and music cut out. On the screen again the question "Where Is Jason King?" returns but after a few seconds the name of the last ever Pyscho-Champion glitches out and is replaced by a singular name, a singular title. The question reads...

"Where Is G0D?"

Suddenly and without warning a new song can be heard blasting through the speaks of the Quos Banks Arena. Bright flood lights began spinning and whirling across seats, the stage, the ceiling, everywhere.

Samuel Kim Music
Black Panther: Killmonger Theme | EPIC VERSION

Suddenly on both sides of the stage two huge black banners drop down. On the banner to the left it reads "King is G0D" and on the right it reads "G0D is King" and as the flood lights trace these banners a multitude of spot lights coalesce on center stage as a figure steps smoothly, causally into the beams.

The figure is wearing a cracked hockey mask with the word "G0D" written on it. A black hoodie is worn under a black leather jacket. Their pants black and white camouflage and Their boots black military style. The figure turns around to reveal their jacket has been spray painted. The cameras focus to zoom in on it and find the writing says simply "I'm Not Here For You" in Purple and White paint. With their back to the cameras the figure removes the hockey mask and tosses it casual to the ground and then...after what seems like an eon of anticipation turns around and reveals his face to the world. The face, of the REAL Jason King.

The phrase "break the internet" has been used multiple times and someone would say might be working it's way to hyperbole. But as message boards, live feeds, and homes around the globe saw the face of the former World Heavyweight Champion it would seem that in this instance it might actually be an understatement.

With a oh so familiar smirk on his face, Jason King begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring. As he does he tugs down the zipper of his hoodie to reveal a tank top that reads "Black Lives Matter". Though the people at home would have no way of knowing this. The WWG production staff scrambling to see if showing this on their program was going cause them trouble were instantly reminded of what life was like when The Big Black Wolf was around.

Jason King moves as if he has all the time in the world. When he reaches the ring he walks around it. Stoping to smile, not so genially, at the team at the announce desk before reaching his hand out for a mic. Some tech in a mask quickly hands it to him, though Jason doesn't look at them, and he then continues walking before finally taking the steps into the ring.

For a moment he says nothing, letting the music play and the lights whirl around the arena with reckless abandoned before finally places the mic to his smirking lips and says....

".....I'm back."

He then tosses the mic behind him, taking off his jacket, hoodie, and shirt before leaning against the corner waiting for the only opponent worth coming back for.

Where is Jason King? It had been the same question Trine Larsen had been asking herself for years. Now, she knew the answer. She expected to feel some kind of relief, but instead it had simmered down into something close to a boiling furious sort of anger. He'd been alive and perfectly intact all this time and he didn't so much as reach out!? The amount of hours she'd spent dragging through information on boards and whispers across the internet under some stupid fan account in an attempt to track down what she could genuinely baffled her when she did the math. Eventually she just...stopped doing the math....and now..... Now he stood smirking and smug in his corner of the ring like nothing had changed- like they were just back to the same old song and dance. They were just back to him conveniently popping up when something ugly reared its head behind the curtain, cracking obnoxious jokes, and enjoying himself more than he had any right to in her opinion. God, she hated him sometimes. "Blood Feather" hit over the speakers, but she hadn't bothered with the theatrics.

n fact, she'd barely made it to the end of Jason's own entrance music before she was stomping down the ramp with a dangerous fire behind bold, blue, color. "You ****!" she bit out as she made it to ring side and slid through the bottom rope, "I can't **** believe you!" Blonde curls whipped with how quickly she'd popped back up to her feet and the clack of the ring sounded with every furious step as she moved from her corner. The referee shifted, looking nervously to the time keeper as the little blonde woman stalked right past him and over to Jason King. Trine poked a finger solidly into the middle of Jason's chest and scowled up at him. "You just disappear!? For....for AGES!? And don't say ANYTHING!?"

Vicente Mateus
Highly Suspect - Bloodfeather (Lyric Video)

Jason's smirk persisted as he spoke after the little blonde ball of fury.
"Was I supposed to write you letters?"

The ref pushed Trine back away from Jason as adjusted himself in the corner. Seemingly not at all bothered by the finger to the chest as the ring announcer moved to the center to begin the match.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a best 2 out of 3 Falls match! Wins can come from pin fall, submission, or by disqualification of your opponent.

The referee motions for both Jason and Trine to meet him in the center of the ring. He informs them both that he wants a good clean fight though neither Jason nor Trine are spending any time listen or looking at him.

For the first time in their entire careers the two former world champions have found themselves face to face in the ring together and every second sizing each other up was going to count.

The ref steps aside and calls for one of the most monumental bells in WWG history.

ding ding

Blue eyes went wide at the letter comment and as the ref planted his hand on her shoulder to back her up Trine's expression settled back into something somewhat collected. She lifted her chin, letting her shoulders drop as she pressed her weight into the balls of her feet- muscle memory kicked in over the roar of her own thoughts. When the bell rang Trine jerked forward, slamming into a lock up she had suddenly come to realize was the first she'd ever had with Jason King. Up until this moment it had been passing verbal jabs and the quiet, boiling, anticipation of a face off she assumed would have been inevitable. Every chance he'd gotten the Big Black Wolf could be found stalking the parameters- he'd been more than testing his boundaries at the company they had both found themselves employed in. She watched it unfold, watched him unearth every wrestler he came across, every belt that dangled in front of him. Two world champions stood in the middle of that ring, locked at arms length, and she dug her heel into the canvas to push back against him. She slid her forearm up to press into his chest just below his collar bone, and hooked her leg behind his knee in a sweep to send him off to the side and onto his back. She moved to make a grab for his legs in an attempt to pull them into a hold-

"You know what I mean," she spat back in reply.

Jason felt the strength in the world champion as soon as the lock up began. Later, he would admit that it surprised him. Still Jason knew that he was clearly stronger than the blonde bombshell and he knew that SHE knew that too. Jason felt Trine's leg shift and felt her changing her grip. Jason stuck his leg back away from the grab and shifted his weight, leveraging his strength and swirled Trine away from him. The moment broke the lock up and she stumbled a few steps back

"No." Jason said rolling his right shoulder once, "I don't. Champ" He said with smirk.

The two circle each other for a moment. Both assessing what their next move should be. Jason put's one of his hands behind his back and motions at Trine to take a shot at his face.

Trine struggled to get her feet beneath her for a moment as she backpedaled, but as she caught her momentum on her heel she came to a quick stop. Blue eyes narrowed on the Jason King as he tucked his hand behind his back, smirking through a familiar nickname she hadn't heard in a long while, but still didn't fail to get a rise out of her. "I thought you were dead!" she shouted back, storming forward like she'd been about to take him up on the offer, before lifting her knee at the last minute to jerk her knee between his legs, and hook the back of his left thigh. After years wrestling against cards that had stacked her against men and women sometimes twice her size, she knew how to use their weight against them. Her shoulder planted solid into the junction of Jason's torso and thigh, folding him at the waist and as she drove forward- let the mechanics lift his knee beneath her armpit. Another attempt to ground him.
"You let me think you were dead!"

Jason thought that Trine would go for the strike, He wanted to gauge her hitting power, but instead the tiny blonde maneuvered herself catching Jason off guard. Jason King hit the mat momentarily stunned. The hesitation didn't stop Trine Larsen as she quickly went for the pin.


With a push Jason King lifted Trine Larsen off his body like a bench press and off to the side of him. The power behind it was enough that Trine spent a second in the air before she hit the canvas like a belly flop. Jason pounced, flipped Trine on her back and went for a pin of his own.


The former champion pushed her shoulder up and Jason leaned up on his knees with his fist raised to deliver a powerful punch to Trine still on the ground. Though instead of striking Trine he instead let his fist stop in the air before letting out a small breath of a laugh and got to his feet.
"I wasn't aware you were expecting a call" Jason said taking a step back allowing Trine room to get to her feet. "Though, can't say I'm surprised you were thinking about me."

Trine scooted back just a little across the mat and sat up. Jason suddenly put on the gas rushing towards Trine with a knee. The small blonde lay flat on her back again as King's knee soared over her. The BBW continued his momentum toward the ring ropes as Trine Larsen performed a kip up to her feet barely stopping as she ran to the opposite ropes. The blonde bombshell rebounded off the ropes and instead of colliding with Jason slide underneath him with a base ball slide.
Jason stopped his movement and turned around but Trine had already popped back onto her feet and before King could do anything about Trine Larsen sent a slap crashing against his face and echoing through the arena.

For a second the two just stood there. Jason's face having been turned by the slap, Trine Larsen fuming eyes mixed with emotion staring holes into her opponent.

Jason turned his face back to Trine.

"I'm actually just surprised that you lasted this long without me around cham-" Jason's words were cut short by another slap across the face that rippled through the empty arena.

Again...the two stood, Jason's face turned, Trine's unmoving. This time Jason looks a little more visibly effected by the slap he received. His mirthless chuckle fills the ring as he nonchalantly sucks his teeth tasting a faint amount of blood.

King turned his face to Trine a second time

"Looks like you can still hit. And here so many of those man children in the back tried so hard to turn you into a house wife. How is Kenneth by the way?"

Trine sent a third slap rocketing towards Jason's face but this time Jason caught it before it made contact. Larsen's eyes widened in surprise and pain as Jason's seemed to change, visions of the violent psycho champion that terrorized the locker like few have before.

Holding her wrist in above the young blondes head Jason King towered over the former champion, looking down at her with silent violence in his eyes.

This lasted only a second or two as, thinking quickly Trine lashed out with a gut kick to Jason mid section. King folded over releasing Larsen's wrist in the process. Trine then turned and made a dash for the ropes. Hitting them with her back she sped forward ready to hit Jason with an attack filled with extra momentum.

Something that would have happened had Jason King not recovered suddenly sent a WORLDSTAR punch crashing directly into Trine Larsen's face. The crack thundered across the arena and the force of the blow took Trine off her feet, flipped her around, and sent her crumpled to the mat on her stomach.

Everything went white. The arena was silent and it had been the lack of any background noise that made the ringing in her ears reverberate in her skull. She could feel the sound like static in her back teeth as she dragged the feeling back into her arms. Trine planted a hand- watching in a detached sort of awe as crimson color fell from her lips and stained the canvas below. Her opposite hand planted itself.

“He knows.....” she mumbled- moving to her hands and knees, “ to return a text.....if that’s....”

She shook her head, trying to force the stars out of her eyes. “....what you mean.....”

The blonde moved to push up from her place on the canvas, but the attempt had been cut off by a kick to her side. It sent her over- dropped back down onto the canvas where she moved to get again.


the ring jolted beneath Jason King’s weight as he moved to close the space between them and blue watched him with careful consideration. Trine waited. Waited for the perfect moment and just as he got close enough she kicked him square in the chest. There was a wheeze of air being forced out of his lungs and as he stumbled back she snatched up his ankle and dragged him to the ground with her. The blond swung her leg out- hooked the top of his thigh and slid her arms around his ankle- locking him into a knee bar.

 “Why settled for house wife when I’ve got so much time under my belt knocking smug men on their asses?”

Jason felt his knee being wretched by Larsen. Again her small frame betrayed her strength. King's face twisted in pain as his first instinct was to kick with his other foot. Trine slide with her body out of range turning up the pressure.

The Ref ask Jason if he wants to give up but he says no. Using a vast amount of strength King grits his teeth and pulls him self, Trine on his leg, over to the ropes were he grabs on and hoping to have the ref break the count.

Ref: 1-2-3-

On three Trine breaks the hold aqueissing to the refs demands. She backs up and stands to her feet taking a few seconds to wipe wipe her mouth and check her teeth. Jason stays holding the ropes for a moment before slowly getting up, testing his knee. It hurt now for sure but there was still a lot of match left and it was just gonna have to hold.

"You're gonna have to tell me..." Jason said putting his hands up in the international sign of initiating a tie up. "you we're always so good at settling"

Trine's eyes narrowed and reached out to accept the challenge. This didn't last long though as Jason quickly overpowered the blue eyed dynamo pushing Trine down to a knee. Pain flashed across Larsen's face but thinking quickly she dropped to her back, the sudden change taking Jason off guard. As his moment carried him forward Trine tucked her knees in and jutted them up into King's gut flipping him over her and onto his back. Trine then quickly her grip and flipped right on over landing on top of Jason, pinning his shoulders to the mat.



Jason pushed up with his shoulders to stop the count but Trine press down her a large amount of disproportionate strength setting Jason's shoulders back to the mat.


King powered up again but this time shifted his whole body to the right, breaking his arm free from Trine's grip. He then gripped the back of Trine's head and pulled it forward, thrusting his head forward connecting with a massive head-but. The strike Trine's head swimming. In that brief moment rolled them both over, ending on top of Trine and going for a pin of his own



The blonde just managed to get her shoulder up in time and even though it seemed out in pure instinct in one fluid motion she wrapped her arm around Jason's neck, and wrapped her legs around Jason's midsection in a vice like grip. Sweat and strain could be seen on her face now as she poured energy into the submission hold.

For a moment Jason seemed to fail in surprise but it only last a blink. He sent a few strong punches to Trine's side that sent pain streaking across her face but the former world champion didn't stop. However this did seem to split her concentration between fending off Jason's punches with her one free hand and putting pressure on the hold.

The ref asked if Jason wanted to give up. But rather than answering Jason managed to maneuver his other arm to the mat, pushing himself onto his feet.

Jason King was now standing but Trine Larsen didn't break the hold, if anything she seemed to grip tighter, her teeth gritting.

With can only be called "ring sense" Jason pushed them both in the direction of the corner. Using a burst of speed and power Jason rammed Trine's back into the turn buckles hoping to break her off him. She let out a shout of pain but the held fast to her submission. Jason took a few shaking steps back and slammed her back again. But the blonde held.

Jason moved back for a third time but this time he step faltered and he went down to a knee. Again the ref asks him he wants to give up, his arms begin to sway at his sides as Trine continues the pressure.

The ref moves in to lift Jason's arm once..

it falls


it falls

Third time

Jason's arm catches itself in the air. Shaking but stable, King rises to his feet again. Walking, almost falling backwards, Jason bounces off the ropes and instead of trying to using the corner again Jason simply jumps into the air and lands his entire body weight on Trine Larsen. This, combined with her continued effort, finally breaks her hold on him. Jason rolls of the side, coughing and desperately trying to gather air in his lungs.

Trine's rolls to her stomach pressing her forehead into the mat in frustration and pain.

Jason see's his chance however and pulls himself to his feet. Trine get's herself to her hands and knees trying to shake away the fog when King strikes. Rushing forward Jason sends a punt kick colliding with Trine's temple sending a wave on blonde hair into the air and Larsen's body going rigid before collapsing back down to the mat.

Jason's momentum carries him to the other side of the ring where he catches himself on the ropes. Taking a few deep breaths he turns back around to face his opponent laying face down on the ground, unmoving.

The ref, concerned, makes a motion to check her but Jason shoots him as fierce as a loaded gun. The ref looks between of the two of them, panic growing behind his eyes, When the mop of blonde hair covering the face of Trine Larsen begins to shift. Shaking, Trine begin's push herself up as a belabored smirk spreads across Jason's face.

"...There..she is"

Suddenly Jason rushes in going for another punt kick, with a burst of unknown energy Trine dodges out of the way and manages to make it to her feet. Jason's swings a haymaker in her direction But Trine ducks underneath and runs towards the ropes. Hitting the ropes she speeds past Jason King as he tries for clothesline. Rebounding off the opposite ropes a second time this time she launches off them flying through the air for what looks like a flying cross body attack.

What Trine wasn't ready for was Jason to meet here in the air with a huge standing drop kick. Larsen's crumpled body spun like pin wheel before crash landing back on the mat. Jason wasted no time, he slid over to Trine grabbing her by the waist and forcing her on her hands and knees. Then in one fluid motion, before her body could collapse King slide back, ran forward, and drove his foot into the back of Trine's head with a vicious Curb Stomp.

With no waisted motion Jason whipped his body around and covered Trine for the pin.




ding ding

Announcer- And the first fall goes to, Jason King

Jason slides off Trine and stumbles back into the turnbuckle, sliding to a sitting position. His breathing his heavy as he looks across the mat to the motionless blonde on the ground.

Trine had taken plenty of kicks. They were never fun, but there was something about this that felt like it stung just a bit more than usual. There was the sneaking suspicion that it was more the pain of an assaulted ego than anything physical, but as she laid there with her cheek pressed against canvas...a rumbling sort of fury started to build. Get up a voice at the back of her mind screamed, but her body didn't move.

Get up!


Her arm lifted, moving just enough for her to plant her palm down and push off. This wasn't over. Her opposite hand hit the mat and pushed. This isn't over. As Trine pushed up to her feet she could see Jason King on the opposite side of the ring watching her with careful consideration. Blue narrowed on him dangerously and as he shifted to move to his feet as well she rushed forward. He'd been halfway there, pushing off of his knees, when she snapped her hands out to yank him into the hold for a suplex. The blonde dug her feet in and pulled back- clearing his feet from the ropes enough that when she sunk her hips down he wouldn't catch. The clack of metal and wood when his body hit the mat sounded through an empty venue and for the brief moment that he was winded- Trine moved to cover. 1 2 Jason tucked his hands beneath her and threw her off, but she scrambled right back- trying to capitalize on the exhaustion.



 Again he pushed her off and rolled onto his side to stand. Trine growled out a noise of frustration, wavering on her feet as she watched him and then an idea struck her. Jason King had stood braced on the curves of his knees and he pulled in the first lung full of air and she rushed forward again, not wanting to give him enough time to recover. She hooked his head again and dropped back into a DDT. It stung, a little, but not enough that she couldn't move to roll him to his back and cover him. 1 2 Jason jerked his shoulder off the mat just enough to clear the count. "....goddammit..." she growled and plated her hand on both of his shoulder- pressing all of her weight into it.



She could feel his hands grab at her elbows to pry away the pressure keeping him down, but wether from exhaustion or the hit to the head-


And just barely at the end of the call he'd managed to roll her off to the side of him, but it had been too late.

ding ding

Announcer- And the second fall goes to, Trine Larsen

Jason pushes up as Trine rolled away to put distance between them. Jason got to his feet. Looking across the ring at Trine who was using the ropes to stand to her feet as well.

The two former world champions eye'd each other warily as they sucked in air, trying to not look as tired as they felt. Jason took a few steps forward and slowly deliberately but both his hands behind his back and leaned his chin forward, tilting his head in a "come on" motion to his blue eyed opponent.

it was obviously a trap, Trine was far from stupid, but at this point it was nothing else to do but fight. Larsen took in air gathered her strength and pushed off the ropes. Out of all the things Jason was expecting and all out frontal assault couldn't possibly be what he was expecting. Rearing back with her elbow she tried to connect with the BBW's temple.

But trading blows with Jason King was never a smart idea. Quicker than Trine was ready for Jason reared back sending Trine's elbow sailing across open air. However Trine wasn't a slouch. Thinking quickly she sent a side left kick hard in Jason's leg. The weight planted on that leg sent the man stumbling back a bit and Trine put on the pressure sending another kick to the other leg, pushing Jason back further.

Feeling her confidence grow Trine went for another kick but Jason took a sudden step back, throwing Larsen off her momentum. Jason King sent a powerful stomp to her knee causing Trine to cry out in pain. The sound was cut short by a bicycle knee strike smashing into Trine's face and sending her back to the mat. Jason waisted no time running to the ropes, bouncing off and landing both feet into the former world champions gut.

Trine felt the air in her body rush out of her as she folded upright and collapsed back down. King dragged her back up to her shaking feet and put her in the position for a suplex. Though he footing was slightly off giving Trine an extra brief second to recover. As Jason lifted her into the air Trine used the momentum to sail her self over onto her feet.

While Jason King was still confused Trine rushed towards the ropes, hitting them with her back and using them to rocket back towards Jason. This would have been a powerful blow if it wasn't that instead of continuing forward the blonde haired champions knee suddenly gave out, stoping her charge suddenly. That was all Jason needed. He sent a haymaker punch to the side of Trine's skull that turned her body and then sent a uppercut to the gut that lifted the blue eyed bombshell off her feet.

Without waiting Jason King ran to the ropes, flipped forward in a front handspring and when he rebounded back nailed Trine Larsen with the Act Of God clean in the center of the ring.

For a moment nobody moved...

Jason slowly sat up, moving gingerly to his feet, turned to look at Trine Larsen unmoving on her belly.

King took a staggering step back, before correcting himself and squatting down next to Trine.

"That...was...a good try....Champ"

Jason said breathing labored and face wet with sweat and pain.

"You almost...did something....unexpected"

The Big Black Wolf turned Trine over on her back like one would unroll a rug. Her eye was bleeding and her mouth looked to be bleeding as well as crimson lines streamed down her face.

Suddenly Trine sprung up grabbed Jason King by the back of the head and to the shock of everyone around the entire world did something...something that would circulate around the the Professional wrestling world for long after both performers would leave the ring forever.

Without warning Trine Larsen planted a fierce and completely unexpected kiss right on the lips of Jason King. King's eyes went wide his arms went up and to the side as someone had a gun on him.

Trine pulled away quickly, Jason's mouth now redder and complete shocked, though this didn't last very long as without warning Trine sent her own head smashing into Jason King's face with one of the most vicious headbuts the WWG had ever seen.

Jason crumpled back and without waisting a breath Trine Larsen pushed the last of her energy into her hands and feet, pushing herself up and to the corner. Her vision was blurred, her world was spinning, the entire area might as well have been a canvas painting miles away because all that drove her now was pride and wrestling instinct.

Jason's hands rushed to his face as a thick steam of red poured from behind his digits. He didn't see Trine Larsen climb to the top turn bucket and launch herself into the air with everything left inside her.

Trine crash landed on the former world champion with a destructive and devastating Bombs Away, the ring roaring and creaking despite her small size. As the last of her energy ebbed out of her she reached back and hooked booth of Jason's kings legs, Her a sweat and blood covered mess, one eye swollen shut, the other clenched like her teeth in pain and determination.





The Announcer: And your winner, TRINE LARSEN!!!!

Jason's body pushed off a split second after the refs hand smacked with the mat but the bell had been rung and the sound of "Bloodfeather" echoed around the empty arena.

Trine rolled onto her back in the middle of the ring, her chest rising and falling with the heaviest of breaths. Jason, nose still bleeding, wiped his hand across his face while a few coughs of pain and struggle escaped him. Slowly Jason slid up to his forearms simply looking at Trine, who's one good eye looked up at the lights with her arms and legs laid out as if she was going to start making ring canvas angels.

Trine could feel Jason shifting beside her and as she stared up at the lights, her chest heaving, a slow self satisfied smirk pressed into the corner of her mouth. It hurt. Everything hurt. But the look on his face would have been worth more than a bruised up face and some blood. “How’s that......for ****.......”
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